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E3.5D, When is the Trough?

Quick question, switched to E3.5D. When is the Trough? Injection day? In the middle? Thanks!

Day 3.499999999… or in other words right before your next pin.

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Not rocket science. I inject. Mon am. Thurs pm. Lab dram. Monday am. Drive home inject

Is it though? Or does it have to cleave from the ester?

Genuine question- say for example you pin e3d as you pin its theb in the muscle… how long to then circulate, is that then detectable in a blood test or does a blood test only detect it when its left its oil carrier?

I say this as I’m pinning e3d and feel like my test is highest on the morning of my pin before I actually do the jab

You’re over thinking it. Maximum absorption takes about 24 hours. Could you technically have your trough slightly after your next injection? Yes depending on absorption rate but for the intent abd purpose of your trough for testing is as close to your next injection as possible.