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E3 2011


Upcoming reasons to ignore your GF

Since there really isn't much chatter about E3 stuff in Geek Shit I decided it needed it's own thread.

There is some upcoming stuff I am really interested In getting. I was even really surprised at the Playstation Viva or Vivo or whatever the fuck that shit was called. The graphics look great and the screen size is huge. Price might make me wait hold off for a while although.

Star Wars: Old Republic trailer is freaking epic! Why the fuck is a 6 minute trailer better than the last 3 prequels combined? I mean the character development acting and fight was better than ANYTHING Lucas has done, it's a God Damned shame heres the trailer:

Halo 4 is coming out next year it's not being developed by Bungie so I'm gonna take a wait and see approach on this one:

The Game I'm most looking forward to is Gears of War 3, I haven't been let down yet by any Gears game. Ok I was slightly disappointed by how Gears 2 ended but the multiplayer more than made up for that. I hear that the beta is awesome so I am definitely hyped up for this.

I know there is a shit ton of things I left out so feel free to add anything you guys are excited about or hated. coughWIICONTROLERcough


That Old Republic trailer is immense. I've often hoped Blizzard or Bioware would bring out an actual film with that attention to detail.


Thanks for those.
It would be awesome if they made a cgi movie with that sort of detail.


I'll be keeping a close eye on Bioware. The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3 are gonna own my existence when they come out.

Also Gears 3 is lookin' boss as well!


that Starwars trailer is awesome


TOR looks good. Not a fan of MMO's though. Hopefully it'll be like KOTOR, I could handle that.


What the fuck is any of this shit?


Some of the games are cool, I'm more interested in the new technologies being released.

Kinetic is going to get cool this fall.


The Nintendo U looks really interesting. They are saying a lot more third party developers are jumping on board. I'm interested in seeing what kind of price they put on the thing. The controller looks mighty expensive. My heart will always be with Nintendo since i'm a big Zelda fanboy, but I play the PS3 a lot more these days.


lol do you wanna know what? I just bought and received my very own OCARINA OF TIME. I can now play the Zelda 64: Ocarina of time title theme accompagnement on piano and melody on the ocarina. I will also play all songs like saria's song, epona's song, etc and teleport to the corresponding locations.

Pretty awesome


Very nice! I've seen videos of people playing it on youtube.


Gears 3 beta was great, I'll be happy to beat any of y'all like ginger step-children when it comes out.


I wish E3 was anything compared to what it use to be. :*(


This ^

Im mostly looking forward to Gears 3. Hopefully they fix the lag in those games, the host had a huge advantage.


Wow! Gears of Wars 3 and Halo 4 are looking fucking badass. Can't wait to get my hands on the games.

Some of the Wii U's features are pretty cool. But I'd like Nintendo to shed a little bit more info on it. I've seen some of the promo videos for it, but I'm about 40% convinced that this new console will bring something revolutionary to the gaming world...


In a interview with the main creator it helped that they had the chance to have a beta. They also have dedicated servers.


Yea - dying for TOR - that trailer is amazing. I saw it the other day - fantastic. Can't wait!


They revolutionized the Wii when they got motion controllers. It's definitely something different. I'm more interested to know if they can bring more third party developers to the system. If they can do that and vastly improve their online play, then it could be something worth it.


Hitman: Absolution nice CGI in this trailer but doesn't really say shit about gameplay

Bioshock Infinite gameplay trailer. Looks pretty good.