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E3 '09 Is Here!


Calling all gamers! E3 is fuckn here!! Bigger and badder then ever before!

Are you guys going to follow? If so, what companies are you excited to hear from and which games you guys can't wait to get your hands on?

I'll be recording and following it on G4. I'm excited for everything non-nintendo. Assassin's Creed 2, Bioshock 2, God of War 3 etc...

One thing I'm curious about is Kojima's countdown, is it the next Metal Gear??? We will soon find out:


Hell yes...I waste plenty time keeping up with it on G4TV and Gametrailers.com

Oh..they did announce Metal Gear Solid:Rising...the main character is Raiden. But they announced it for the XB360??

edit Its not a XB360 exclusive....they're just letting it known that it will be available for XB360.


I want Square/Enix to finally man up and remake Final Fantasy VII for the PS3. I will whatever for the fucking game.


Hideo Kajima has just announced that he will be bringing the Metal Gear Solid franchise to the 360 with the next title Metal Gear Solid: Rising, starring Raiden!


As long as there's something about Kingdom Hearts III, I'm set.


yea, I'm sure its going to be multiplatform (that's what G4 hosts says...Miss Munn is HOT), unless microsoft writes them a huge check for exclusive, but I doubt that will happen.


I want a good zombie game. I'm tired of Resident Evil.


I Just wish they'd get around to finishing Gran Turismo 5. And the new Call Of Duty looks fairly badass in the new GameInformer. Other then that it'll be a slow year in my book.


Star Wars: The Old Republic cinematic trailer that debuted at E3:


I played the first one. Really great. Never got the second though.

New footage of FF...what is it now, 14? lol - that would be cool. God of War 3 is gonna be sick too.

PS3 needs more RPGs; I loved Oblivion. Fable 2 would be cool.


Waiting on gran turismo 5, ff 13, tekken 6, and looking forward to whatever big title nintendo is going to announce for wii... so long as it isn't a wii fit sequel.


As the banner says FF XIII will be finally coming out next year...

Like GB said, it would be awesome if square-enix did a remake of FFVII for the ps3.

Fable 2 was released last year, or do you mean you want to see it on PS3?


I just hope FFXIII is better than FFXII. Twelve was the worst one in my opinion, and I'm tired of having a main character that looks like a Thai ladyboy. I guess I just have such high expectations for that series that I'm constantly left wanting more. I loved 7-10, I never touched 11. 12 just had... the worst battle system I had ever seen. The story was only mildly interesting, I never even finished it sadly.


LMAO, I didn't know whether to get turned on or say "Huh?" when I saw Tidus in FFX. I think it all went to shit after FF9. The new battle system blows my balls. As for Kingdom Hearts, I played and completed both and the first one was the one that had all the magic. The second one was a "eh, whatever" at best. I want see Mickey kick some ass again!


Blizzard, with news on Starcraft II and Diablo III.
Hopefully get some release dates.


Another thing I'd love to see is new Fallout 3 style and themed game. That was one of the best games I've ever played, I loved the post apocalyptic feel to it. The map was immense, the character incredibly customizable, but the story was just too short on it's own, the ending was a massive letdown. Everything else was amazing. I'd love to see something else along those lines.


You ever play the first two in the series? They were epics back in the day.


Can't say I have, I read up on them to understand the story but that's about it.


To me it seems they are so damned interested in telling a story through movies, that they have slowly put less detail into the rest of the game. FF3 and FF7 are my favorites in the series.


I like the movies, I think they're an amazing aspect of the game and something that FF is now known for. In terms of story, I loved FFVII but I never got into it a lot because FFVIII was the first one I ever played. Story wise however, FFVII and FFIX take the cake IMO. FFX was interesting, but I've never had an easier boss battle in my life, and Seymore just was... A shitty character all around. It seemed like he was an attempt at making another Sephiroth, but it failed miserably.