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E2 vs Sensitive E2 vs Free E2 Sensitive Lab

Hi - I’m trying to dial in my E2 currently on Test Prop 15mg qd for about a month now from equivalent weekly cypionate dose split qod for about a year. I have just learned that the E2 labs I have been getting every couple of weeks have been the reg E2 labs. The most recent E2 lab reg on 4/9/18 came back at 32 pg/ml. At the same time my endo pulled a sensitive free E2 which came back at 1.1pg/ml. How does this compare? My endo says they’re equivalent?
Should I be getting just reg E2 labs(nonsensitive), E2 sensitive (lcms) or free E2 sensitive (lcms)?


I’d love to hear your input ksman

I opt for the Estradiol, Ultrasensitive, LC/MS/MS. Because if I am on tren and get the regular test the tren can throw that number way off. I’ve had an e2 of 300+ on tren when I didn’t get the ultrasensitive.

Testing methodology aside, I do not see how E2 and free E2 could be considered equivalent.