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E2 Ultrasensitive vs Standard Test

Hey guys, I’ve always ordered using the standard estradiol test (?imminoassay) and my E2 is 21-29…
My new doc wanted ultrasensitive E2 test done and my E2 came back high at 37 (under 29 was the limit of normal)…
Does the ultrasensitive usually have higher reads since it’s more sensitive?
My doc didn’t say I needed an AI etc, but I’m paranoid about gyno (already have it).
Thoughts or inputs on this?

I read in the stickies a while back. ultrasensitive is useless. Just do the estradiol sensitive.

should be method: Liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS-MS)

Also though a SERM will not lower your e2, you can take it when needed if you feel gyno coming about.

These terms are not universal, but are specific to individual lab companies. So we need that context.

One companies sensitive might be another’s ultra-sensitive.

None of these labs are created specifically to suit male needs. Higher sensitivities are used to resolve low E2 levels in post menopausal states. We have seen these conflicting states before. It is helpful if both are from the same lab company.

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It’s quest:

We have seen a lot of traffic re Quest and Ultrasensitive, mostly because, I think, the other test does not resolve lower levels.

Thoughts on the value? Think I need an AI?

I am on 26 mg test cyp SQ every 3 days…

Also, do you see less cholesterol issues with aromasin vs arimidex?