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E2 Too Low?


I think I may have gotten E2 too low.I take 100mg test.cypioniate twice weekly.Should I skip my next shot and arimidex tab?


What makes you think so? Feel dry, heavy chested, joints hurt, etc...? Those are signs it's way to low. If you want to raise E2 TAKE THE T SHOT and skip the adex or reduce the dose. T turns into E2. No T=No E2 conversion.


Do not skip T, you need T to make E2. Skip adex if needed, but you really need to post your adex dosing before you can expect any guidance.

Your weekly T dose is 100 or 200mg?


100 mgs a week 2 times a week is typical anti aging bullshit protocol. This can end up causing e2 issue and also other hormonal imbalances as well as thyroid and insulin resistance over prolong peroid of time from too high levels of testosterone. I would suggest doing more conservative dosage that are with in the phyisiological range upper one 1/4 of top range on the trough is the best.


I'm 47, 6'3 215 with little body fat.Yes,I inject 100mg of test.Cypionate every 3.5 days,almost exactly to the minute,for a total of 200mg a week.I also inject 250iu of hcg eod.I had blood drawn at exactly 3.5 days to the minute.Labcorp did the testing.

My results were TT=1094(241-827) FT=36 (6.8-21.5) E2=34.5(7.6-42.6)My DR. also uses a lab called SVI who lists TT=(240-1000) FT=(12-40) so he was fine with my numbers,even though he says 20-30 is ideal for E2.He is alternative medicine specialist,who's been doing TRT for 20 yrs. and is a very good friend of DR. Shippen and communicates with him weekly,so I'm as frustrated as hell with him!

So anyway I was taking 2mg week of arimidex,but it was .5 day of shot then .25 next 2 days,then .5 day of next shot,then .25 next 2 days.I had fair morning wood week of bloodtest.The day after blood was drawn,woke up with nothing,so I thought I had went too low on E2.I then cut back on arimidex,only to find out 2 weeks later when I went to DR. to get my lab results that E2 had been 34.5 I then started upping AI,starting getting decent moring wood,thought I would be able to tell when to back off when I got really good wood,must of fell through sweet spot fast because wood got weaker and I got super weak,trembled inside and out and had super brain fog,anxiety,depression.

Needless to say I've had alot of ed problems last few months.Really gotten into my head also. It's really puzzling because when I started TRT my TT=300 FT=8.6 E2=30 (Labcorp) I could get it up pretty good.I was led to believe TRT was only thing that would help.I'm really beginning to believe my problem was caused by years of bouts of severe depression,anxiety and especially severe sleep depraviation(Never much REM sleep for years.).I started working midnites 5yrs. ago,sleep became even worse, was almost non-ex although I could still function pretty good sexually until about 1 yr. ago.

I quit working midnites about 6 months ago,so I'm sleeping better,still not as good as I should.I just don't get much REM sleep as my mind seems to race alot throughout the nite.Im taking:
3mg melatonin
between 50-100 mg of trazadone
500 - 1000 mg of pharmacutical grade l-tryptophan a nite.
Is it still just exhaustion that's going to take me awhile to recover? Anxiety and depression still a problem at times. My labs always look pretty good.
T3-total 164(60-181)
T3 free-299(230-420)
T4-total 8.5 (4.5-12.5)
T4free 1.3 (0.8-1.8)
TSH 0.71 (0.40-4.50)
PSA -0.2
Glucose 80(65-99)
I've never had rt3 test
Should I have rt3 test when I have all these labs taken again in a few weeks? All metabolic panel,lipids all look pretty good based on what I already knew from alot of research,reinforced by very knowledgeable people on this board.

I had always wondered why I couldn't take 2 shots instead of one.Dr's always said it wouldn't make a difference!Thanks for letting me know this is best way to go,along with taking divided doses of AI(hopefully I can figure this out after next lab ) My first 2 DR's had me taking a 200mg shot once a week with 1mg arimidex.My #'s at end of week were always TT=750 FT=35-40% of high normal, E2=36-40. My Second DR told me to take 2 arimidex, when I asked how I should divide it,he said it didn't matter,just take it.So I always took both when I took my shot.This was from a dumbass who had been on TRT himself for 20yrs. So to say the least the last 2 years have been one hell of a ride.Few more questions.It took me 2 years to finally get a DR. to give me hcg.

The first 1.5 years bag was totally normal,then bag started to draw up and nuts shrank some,took 6 more months to get the hcg.After I took the first shot,I went from feeling like a 0 to a 5-6 on a scale of 0-10.Got really horny,erection very firm with good sensitivity,lasted about a week.Does this tell you anything besides the obvious we already know?(P450 and hpta) Should I get my pregnenolone checked? My nuts still haven't returned to normal size on a consistent basis.If I use 400-500 iu of hcg 1 day out of the month they seem to return to normal size.My bag is starting to hang normal most of time,but still draws up though not as bad.Do you think if I continue with the 250iu eod things will eventually get close to normal? Thanks alot everyone! I still have alot of brain fog,so forgive me if I confused everyone.


Yes - it sounds like you need more blood test because of probable Cortisol problems and/or other imbalances. Check out the blood test sticky and then post any relevant blood test results from your last test.

Your free T3 looks a tad low (I think).

what else are you taking besides T, Arimidex, and HCG?

if you are on 200mg T-Cyp a week then something else is off with your system - and you need to find out what and fix it so that you can reduce your T dose.


Yea,I've had every test posted on sticky,except rt3.Spent about an hour alittle while ago posting alot of results and all supplements and dang thing got wipe out!Sorry just to exhausted to do it again right now.Thanks guys!


i am confussed, as far as ranges are concerned what qualifies as low E2 below the range or the lower end?


You do not want E2 < 20pg/ml


Do the more frequent injections to get steadier T levels, the make anstroaole doses EOD and the same. Then fine tune the anastrozole dose based on E2 labs. You will need a liquid anastrozole product to manage dosing. Dissolve your own in vodka or get RC product. All is i nthe stickies.

after you get T steady and E2 properly managaged, then see where you are in terms of feeling good or seeking something else to fix.


you can post your results here --> http://www.2shared.com/

you can password protect the document and then post the password here, and we can review it. Just make sure to format it to remove any identifying markers (like in the properties field - created by, etc.)


computer stupid,don't use one enough to know how to do this