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E2 Too High or Too Low on Test E Cycle?

Hey there,

I decided to get my test and E2 levels checked after just over 7 weeks on a test e cycle (500mg per week divided into 2 pins) as I’d been experiencing the following issues:

  • Weak erections/difficulty ejaculating.
  • Frequent urination with issues getting started and stopping during due to a weak stream.
  • Emotional issues - mood had been good, but then a couple of days before taking my test I cried at work for pretty much no reason, which was embarrassing and very OOC as I rarely cry.
  • Mild flu symptoms that have persisted far longer than they usually do for me (tested negative for covid a couple of days ago).

My results came back as follows:
Testosterone - 3461.04 ng/dl (120 nmol/l)
Estrogen - 179 pmol/l (ref range 41-159).

I was just wondering if my symptoms are more likely to be low or high E2 related?

I initially assumed the latter given the number being a little over the top end of the reference range, but given the very high T levels could it in fact be that the results are too heavily skewed in favour of T in terms of test:estrogen ratio?

The ratio is about 20:1 (assuming pmol/l of E2 is used against ng/dl of test to determine ratio even though the units of measurement are different?).

Thank you for any help that can be provided :slight_smile:

Are you using an AI?

You are barking up the wrong tree, it’s something else. it sounds like your prostate is unhappy at the least.

That could be a sign of E2. I’d try lowering that first and be careful with the AI and see if the other symptoms subside within a week. If not, @hardartery gave you a pointing in the right direction. As the urination issues are uncommon.

One question: if you are peeing by sitting down (try it if you don’t do that normally), do you get the feeling there’s urine left in the bladder after finishing? If so, is it better standing up while peeing?

Thank you for the replies so far.

Vacantgardener/lordgains - Yep. I began my cycle on 1st Aug, and decided to go the route of only starting using an AI if/when symptoms developed rather than preventatively. This also led to some adjustability based on feel prior to getting bloods done mid cycle.

Sore nipples began developing after a few weeks, so I used Aromasin 12.5mg on the following dates:

21st Aug
27th Aug
2nd Sept
8th Sept
E2 test 9th Sept - 159 pmol/l (male ref range 41-159)
Sun 11th Sept (25mg this time based on E2 test results)
Thurs 17th (back to 12.5mg)
12.5 mg every 3.5 days since then

Lordgains - Thank you for the advice re E2. Are you pretty confident high rather than low E2 is the issue here then? (As pure numbers definitely, the T:E ratio is heavily in favour of T but perhaps I’m making too big a deal of that?)

I’ve started always peeing sitting down in the last year or so as it does appear to relieve a bit of pressure and reduce difficulty with starting. Still have the weak stream, just become much more exaggerated on T cycle. I do often feel like my bladder hasn’t been emptied after finishing, and also sometimes feel a strong urge to pee and yet not an awful lot comes out when I do (began after a few weeks of test).

However, I did have this same urge for a few weeks a few years ago, and that just turned out to be a UTI.

Hardartery - Good point, especially as 2 of my Uncles have been diagnosed with prostate cancer in the last year or so.

Thank you all who have responded so far :slight_smile:

I see that and I guess it would be high E2.

That is not what you should be looking for, the mathematical ratio doesn’t help.

Get your prostrate checked. It is possibly enlarged, that eventually happens to nearly all of us.

Thank you mate, will look to get a PSA test done :+1: