E2 Testing Immunoassay vs LC/MS

I read where the Immunoassay was recommended or the Quest 4021 method over the Ultrasensitive 30289 in the Stickies. However, I found this comparison where it says that the Immunoassay test is recording higher E2 values due to CRP (C reactive Protein). Which may imply the overuse of AI. Interesting topic.

Indeed an interesting topic. And something I’ve run into lately.

If you look at the scatter plot at that link, those of us with super-high immunoassay results are outliers. Probably most people don’t need to worry too much.

My understanding is, there are three techniques for measuring estradiol: RIA, ECLIA, and LC-MS (radioimmunoassay, electrochemiluminescence immunoassay, liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry).

It’s well-known that tren inflates ECLIA results (in fact, apparently some guys use it to see if their stuff’s legit).

Personally, I’ve been relying on ECLIA from Labcorp. But since I started taking clomid, my levels have skyrocketed to over 150. The same week I had Quest 4321 done, which I believe is RIA. This reported a level well within range, in the 20s.

I can find no evidence or anecdotes about clomid affecting ECLIA.

So seems like I oughta be a case study. Trying to google this stuff basically just brings up case studies. Here’s one.

And another link.

I’m waiting on LC-MS and CRP results, and considering testing immunoglobulins.