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E2 Test is Expensive

Wow, just got a quote for getting the Estradiol “sensitive” assay for males.


Is this high or pretty much the going rate?

Been on the testosterone gel for 3 weeks, and sex drive has actually dropped. Sensation has gone down too. Sex doesn’t feel as good.

I have to find a doctor that understands this and will run this test.

Can I just get the basic serum E2 test?

What do you guys get? What does it cost?

Just found out the lef.org is a block away from my work and they do the entire male panel including E2 for $200.


Is the the Estradiol test from lef.org acceptable?


The lef male panel is fine. Many of us use it.

Elevated Estrogen levels decrease sensitivity, and sex drive, and “gratification”. A classic, unfortunate, byproduct of using gels.

Really, I heard the shots cause more aromotase due to the spike. I still wish I could get on the shots.


How is one company quoting $400 for an estradiol test and lef.org only costs $40?

Is this the same test?