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E2 Skyrocketed after 7 Weeks (Arimidex Advice)

So, guys, sorry to come up here showing signs of unfamiliarity with the cycle I’m doing, because I trusted a friend who’s cycling as well.

I started on february 4th and my levels were:

Total T 361,47 ng/dL (164,94 to 753,38 ng/dL)
Free T 6,62 ng/dL (3,4 to 24,6 ng/dL)
DHT 1258,0 pg/mL (135,0 to 1365,0 pg/mL)
E2 31,4 pg/mL (<39,8 pg/mL)
FSH 2,8 mUI/mL (1,4 to 18,1 mUI/mL)
LH 1,4 mUI/mL (0,6 to 12,1 mUI/mL)
SHBG 38,30 nmol/L (10,00 to 57,00 nmol/L)

It started out fine, lifting very heavy and with very high libido and EQ.
After 5 or 6 weeks I started to notice some things, such as tiredness, low energy, low libido and EQ, as well as belly and side fat build up even though I’m cutting.

I’m taking 600mg/week (T-F) enan and 225mg/week winstrol (M-W-F)

So I tested again on the 27th of march and results came:
Total T 3963,27 ng/dL (164,94 to 753,38 ng/dL)
Free T 159,57 ng/dL (3,4 to 24,6 ng/dL)
DHT over 1500,0 pg/mL (135,0 to 1365,0 pg/mL)
E2 93,0 pg/mL (<39,8 pg/mL)
FSH 0,4 mUI/mL (1,4 to 18,1 mUI/mL)
LH 0,1 mUI/mL (0,6 to 12,1 mUI/mL)
SHBG 9,17 nmol/L (10,00 to 57,00 nmol/L)

So I kinda freaked out with the high E2 and took a 1mg arimidex today, friday the 29th. My question is what should the dosage be, as the cycle will be over in a bit more than 8 weeks, so I reach acceptable levels of E2.

Thank you beforehand, guys.
PS: I’m 31.

This is a game of trial and error, everyone will need different amount of T and anastrozole, .125 anastrozole is enough to make my life miserable.

Excessive steroids can fry you limbic system and cause life long symptoms of alzheimer like cognitive impairment. All you needed was TRT since your natural levels are so low.

If looking for cycling advice, you’ll get better advice in the pharma section.

Without FT and TT it’s inpos to say what you need. Low E2 is easier to define than high e2. “High” is a relative term, because it can sit a lot higher while cycling without causing any issues for some guys. It’s more like a ratio than a hard and fast set number.

Example: your TT to E2 will be roughly the same as it was before if your TT comes in just above 1,000. Your TT should come in much, much higher than that. So you’re not totally out of whack here. That means you shouldn’t go to crazy with the arimidex. 1mg at once is pretty heavy. I would not recommend dosing that amount again. From here you should try something like .25mg twice a week and see if you start to feel a little better. If that doesn’t do it then maybe you try .5mg. But start lower and work your way up as needed.


Thank you. I’m new at the forum and didn’t quite know where to put this topic. Is it possible to move?

I would suggest try arimidex 0.25 MG eod

I am on sustanon cycle and since first injection I take that way. Even for a while I tried everyday 0.25mg but it increased joint cracking sound so I reduced to eod again

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gam9 I usually let my E2 run when blasting. It will protect your joints from damage. What you are experiencing is water weight gain and sensitive nipples might start up next. The both go away on their own. Every TRT guys goes thru this when they start taking T. and cyclers get it even worse.
You are just experiencing 1st time side effects of blasting. Its the price you pay for the gains.
I would save the anastrozole for the day you stop your cycle. Then I would only do .25mg/wk for 3 weeks. Still do your normal PCT with novadex as you have it scheduled.



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Thank you for the responses, guys. I updated the OP with Test results.

Hey, Iron! Update:

Total T 3963,27 ng/dL (164,94 to 753,38 ng/dL)
Free T 159,57 ng/dL (3,4 to 24,6 ng/dL)

Based on that your e2 isn’t terribly high relative to TT. Keep an eye on yourself and monitor symptoms. If you start to feel anything come on then take a slow and steady approach to dosing any additional AI.

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Thanks again, Iron. The one thing that I’m feeling and is really bothering is the difficulty of achieving erections (and maintaining it). I knew it was coming because I’m no longer getting morning wood.

While cycling you should be Exersizing Eating Sleeping thinking about exersizing thinking about what to eat and worrying if you are not getting enough quality deep sleep for muscle repair. There should be no time for boners. HaHa

Hahaha. Bae is not liking it… Sperm count is really really low as well.

I find this is the perfect time to learn to get creative with your tongue and even introduce toys.
The first time I suggested this to my wife she was not too sure but I ask her to let me try. She f-ing squirted for the first time in our 40 years of being best friends. We’ve been married for 35.
I always tell her my cycling plans and we make it an adventure. We shop for oils and look at new toys it’s a blast. I have found a mix of cialas low dose and livitra that works pretty well.

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Ok guys, so I took 1mg on friday and then 0.5mg saturday, sunday and monday, and woke up today to a nice wood. Should I change the approach now?

Isn’t anastrozole some amazing shit? Love it Love it just don’t take too much of it. haha
I would drop back to .5mg/wk and only take more if you loose the morning wood.

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It is! Hahaha. So you suggest .5mg once a week in a specific day? (Like the day of the shot, prior etc). Thanks again!

My current blast injection schedule is M/W/F and if I get a high E2 that is really bugging me I take it that day. So no real schedule for me. You can just pick day. Its half life is ~48 hours.

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So I shot on monday and took .5mg right after. I was having decent wood but today boom! No wood and no erection via stimulation. Today is shot day again and I’m unsure how to proceed.

We are shooting in the dark here. You need to go get your E2 tested. What if this ED is not related to your E2? At the quantities of anastrozole you have been talking about 1 mg and .5 mg those are a lot. On my worst high E2 days I need no more than .125mg M/W/F for one week and no more. This will knock a E2 of 45 down to ~32 for me. YMMV

My thoughts exactly. There’s a good Chance that it’s mental at this point. Or that it was never Estrogen related to begin with. This is why I am anti AI. A lot of times it will just causes more problems then it fixes. Now you thing your dick working is based on arimidex this is gonna end with crashed E2 and no dick when you could have atleast probably just kept a limp noodle for a few more weeks.