E2 Sky High on Blast & Cruise?

Got a sensitive e2 test my e2 is off the charts! I couldn’t dial in e2 on blast so dropped to cruise had Ed for months! On 62.5 mg e3d planning have adex on hands! Been on this schedule for 8 weeks! No Ai!

Need to know what your free T is as well. To my knowledge ratio is more important than raw individual numbers. Are you experiencing symptoms related to high Estrogen? 72 is not that high if your free T is also above range.

Oh man I feel like a walking bitch crying over stupid shit soft erections can’t oragasm numbs penis!
Anxiety so bad I shake and have panic attacks! Get Feeling extremely sensitive! Never felt like this in my life! I feel like a girl!

Thats not that high. Mine got to the 60’s off of just TrT when I changed my protocol. It takes a few days-weeks for your body to adjust.

Thats not your personal info in the picture, is it? If so, fix it.


Here’s mine year round on TRT. If you’re having all of those issues you need to get out of your own head.

I hear you - nobody wants to feel that way! If I was in your shoes there are a couple of options I’d consider. In the order I’d follow :

Wait an additional 4 weeks and reassess.

Get your TT, FT and SHBG tested for better understanding of your ratios.

Start adding proviron to your protocol which can balance those feelings out in some. DHT has immense impact on the feeling of “well-being”

Chat to your doctor about incorporating an AI into your protocol.

They said that’s high and should be around 25-30 for libido! And I tried proviron didn’t work!

This is simply bro science at its finest. However other symptoms such as emotional and soft/numb erections could warrant a low dose regimen to start.

Where do people get the bullshit notion that all these symptoms are from E2… you were just on a blast, hormones in general have profound downstream neurological effects, esp when you start blocking conversion enzymes… look at the lawsuits put against the marketers of 5 alpha reductase inhibitors… Those who don’t understand the potentially profound effects on neurology (and yes, oestrogen has effects too) that stem from the use of supra-physiological dosages of hormones needn’t be using, reminds me of those who aren’t aware AAS can induce cardiac enlargement or sudden cardiac death.

The neurological effects will differ from person to person, some can handle them far better than others, you may just not be cut out for gear. Granted if it’s been months this may not be the case, unless you were on tren, EQ or deca (EQ due to incredibly long ester, deca and tren due to how profound the impact can be… with tren being by FAR the strongest)

He’s been on 150mg a week for 8 weeks. I would be curious to see full labs but that’s normally enough time for me personally to “settle” in to my new protocol for evaluation. @naturallyhard did you only test E2?

I mean what was he previously on (his blast)

If he was using tren, residual neurological alteration may be present

Actually some data has come up showcasing AAS use (heavy) over many years permenantly altera the structure of the brain (however no alterations could be found in behavior, depressive scores, cognition etc)

It’s all kind of luck of the draw, we can make guesses based off genetic susceptibility… but look at rec drug users… take mdma, lsd or cannabis. 99.99 percent of users will be okay if they try said compounds once… then there’s the select few (the mdma) who might drop dead from lethal dehydration induced arrhythmia, hypertensive crisis, electrolyte imbalance (actually pretty much all of these highly correlate with dehydration), adrenergic storm etc

Then with all three occasionally permenant neurological alteration occurs (hallucinogen persisting perception disorder), psychosis (acute or brought on by drug use and stays) etc… this can happen from trying it ONCE… same rule pertains to AAS, most will be fine, but it’s once again Russian roulette with a comically large magazine… most are fine, some drop/ have irreversible damage RIGHT off the bat (not decades down the line)

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I had Ed way before tren and only ran it for 4 weeks in when I did I checked my heart blood pressure and chlorestrol and it all came back good!