E2: Sensitive vs. Non-Sensitive Assay

I’m sure this is the first time in the history of this forum that this question has been asked. I’ve heard a fair amount of contradictory info regarding sensitive vs. non-sensitive assay for estradiol. Why is the sticky against non-sensitive.

I’ve heard (from one side) that the non-sensitive is the assay that’s normed on males. But I know from experience that I tend to have what I’m assuming are somewhat elevated E2 symptoms (bloating/water retention in particular) when my NON-sensitive assay readings are in the 30-40pg/ml range.

It’s because the sensitive is needed to get a result when you’re below the normal range.

Sensitive is the only test that males should have done, period. To get a good reading, you need the smaller range, especially on something as important as E2.