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E2 Regular and E2 LCMS Results Comparison


Had some bloodwork done recently, got both regular e2 and e2 LCMS. The latter being the new gold standard of sensitive testing I am told.

E2 regular: 168 pmol/L (>150)
E2 LCMS: 122 pmol/L (36 - 155)

This translates to 46pg/ml and 33pg/ml respectively.

If aiming for the desired sweet spot of mid 20’s, which test would I continue to take? I’ve never seen a definitive answer on this topic. Which test is the one referred to when speaking of the 22pg/ml goal? Which one represents my real estrogen level?


From what I understand you want to use the sensitive test (LCMS) to monitor e2.


It doesn’t translate at all and you can’t compare them period, posting a test designed for females for which was run on a male is pointless. No comparison can be made, you might as well include the super bowl score to your regular E2 test results.


Got it. So the number widely acknowledged by the TRT community, including prominent members here, is based on ultra sensitive E2 tests always? Regular e2 testing is totally irrelevant?




Thanks mate