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E2 Question On Fluid Retention

Current protocol is 100mg test cyp, divided into 2 doses, IM and 500iu hCG 3X/week. Been running this since June 1.

Six weeks in was experiencing sensitive nipples, no morning wood, 10 pounds fluid retention, elevated BP and resting heart rate was 10BMP higher than before TRT, and edema in hands was especially bad.

Got labs back three weeks ago and the results were:

TT: 1010 ng/dL (RR is 265-916)
FreeT: 185 pg/mL (RR 33-227)
BioT: 433 ng/dL (RR 131-682)
SHBG: 50.2nmol/L (RR 19-76)
E2(sens.) 56 pg/mL (RR 11-43) Previous from late May was 41.

Endo put me on .5mg Adex, 2X/week. Now wood is good, BP, RHR, and nipple issues have been resolved but I’m still having edema in hands and holding fluid in general.

Does Adex take more than three weeks to get fluid balance under control or is something else going on?

It sounds like an estrogen problem, AI’s should work quickly but take about 10 days to stabilize.

Your Free T levels are nowhere near optimal, you need more T to push SHBG down in order to increase Free T to where it needs to be. You need Free T at the top of the ranges or higher.

Even though, overall, I feel really good? Good gains in the gym, feeling stronger, and good sense of well-being.

Normally, you probably want it higher as mentioned. However, I think I would leave it alone for now. You’re doing well, really well. Upping test will increase E2 as well and you may need more AI, which is not good for your lipids, bones or joints. This is coming from one who runs with 200-220pg/mL free test (35-155 range). I also have E2 at 71 (range 0-29) with the LC/MS/MS (sensitive) test, but I feel really good.

Keep in mind that, over time, you SHBG usually comes down with TRT. You’ll pick up more free test then.

Well you could improve your health, lose weight and increase your dosage at a later date, but generally you want Free T higher. I prefer to be on straight Test without any other compounds creating more estrogen issues, then needing drugs to counteract.

So if fertility isn’t important, you can drop the HCG and probably reduce or drop the AI altogether.

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Fluid retentions is related to high E2 so there is a good chance your E2 is still high. That said, .5mgx2/wk is a lot of anastrozole. When you reach steady state you will have 2mg in your blood 24/7.
My suggestions is as soon as you start to feeling better I would cut the dose in halfand as soon as you notice the water retension dropping I would cut the dose in half again. Which would be .25mg/wk.
Note: You are the first person I have come across taking 100mg/wk and needed an AI at all. Are you really overweight? Body fat is a major source of E2 when T is injected.

Good luck on your journey many of these negatives will just go away on their own given enough time. It is always good to buy additional mini blood tests while you are going thru this period. Nothing will put your mind to rest better than a new blood test.

Do this

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Thank you all for the advice!

I’m pretty fit, not shredded but am 6’4", 230#, and have a 36" waist, so I’d not consider myself overweight and keep myself in decent shape. I lift regularly and do cardio as well.

Pre-TRT my TT was 210, FT was 31, BioT was 75, and E2 was 37 so I believe I was a high “aromatizer”. I also believe in using the least amount of drugs (or, better yet, none). If I could stop the AI, I’d love it.

So what I think I’ll do is cut my hCG to 250ix/2X week, and the AI by half. See how I feel and in three weeks get new labs. Thoughts?

Also, any benefit in shooting subQ rather than IM. I’ve read aromatization is lesser that way.

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I don’t know if that has honestly been proven. When you inject sub Q you have fewer blood vessles so the T is cleved slower this prevents a higher T spike. As for E2 I just don’t know and I would not believe any random on the internet that doesn’t have bloods to prove his statement.

I know the late Dr. John Crisler advocated for it but i couldn’t find any hard data on the benefits of it.

My e2 is very similar on both im and sub q.

On im i did feel the surge of test. At 42 I don’t want to feel Those spikes I want stability.

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