E2 - Question About Dosing

I don’t see why not as long as they dissolve fully, mine kinda settles on the bottom and I have to shake it before drawing with a syringe

Get a pill slicer from the pharmacy and you can easily cut the pills in half

Sorry Nashtide shoukd have been more specific.

I inject subq every 3 days at .3ml

So I woukd have to cut that 1mg pill into 4ths to take it in my injection days. I’m afraid a pill cutter woukd not be close enough for the quarter dose. I asked for .5 mg to half pills but they do not make them. Or I’m led to believe.

What is yalls subq schedule/dosage/location of injection?


Ok so you want to take a total of 0.5mg/week. Then you’ll have to dissolve the pills in vodka and dispense with a syringe. Put two pills in 2ml of vodka. That gives you a solution of 1mg/ml. Then draw up 0.25ml and your good to go twice per week.

Will do. Thanks so much. Glad to hear from someone else injecting subq.

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