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I had my E2 checked a while back and it was at about 38, I started to take anastrozole at .25mg twice a week, 24hrs after my first dose I woke up each morning with a morning wood and felt great at the gym and nearly all day. I took my 2nd dose of .25mg 3.5 days later ( i run my injections 3.5 days apart so I just take the anastrozole along with that) I noticed the next morning I had no morning wood and felt brain fog its now been 2 days since and I still feel like crap. I think I may of taken to much with that 2nd .25mg dose…

I guess my question is should I take 1 dose of .25 a week? or try and break it up into .125mg twice a week? does it matter? whats the duration of effect on the anastrozole? those first 3.5 days after my initial dose is the best i’ve ever felt on TRT.

If interested my free/total test was around 850/40

You may be an anastrozole over responder. I would suggest making a solution of Adex and vodka and taking 0.125mg twice weekly. But you might want to skip a dose for a week. Hopefully folks that are sensitive to Adex will chime in. I have to take 1.75mg of Adex a week to keep my E2 in the low 20’s. I inject 120mg of T cyp and 250iu of hcg E3D. So everyone is different. Keep at it, E2 control is so important.

Really vodka? I take 70mg of test c with .4iu of hcg twice weekly… I just can’t believe I’ve been on trt for 3 years and never felt that good everyone of the Dr’s said nothing about controlling e2 I kind of stumbled upon is doing my own research then asking the dr

Lol. Yes really vodka. The pill dissolves better in the alcohol and it acts as a preservative. Keep the solution in the fridge and shake it a little before drawing up a dose. You can make solution any concentration you want.

Btw, the dose of hcg you mentioned doesn’t make sense. 0.4iu of hcg would be so minuscule you wouldn’t be able to draw it up in a syringe.

I get a 10,000 unit bottle of hcg I mix it with 5ml of water and using an insulin syringe I go to .4ml so that would be 400iu correct?

The anastrozole I take is a 1mg tablet I break into 1/4

Yes, so you take 400iu of hcg twice weekly. Now everyone is on the same page. Another thought, you might even out the peaks by injecting the hcg on different days than the T cyp. Most on here inject the T cyp every 3.5 days and the hcg EOD at 250iu. I choose to inject the hcg E3D because I’m just try to preserve the size of my testes. No longer care about fertility. Remember, the hcg produces T in the testes which undergoes armotization in the testes which adex cannot control.

Actually, your math may be wrong. 10,000iu in 5ml is 2,000iu/ml. So wouldn’t 0.4 ml of that be 800iu?

I may be wrong I’ll check my bottle when I get home but I believe I used to get 5000 unit bottle I mixed 5ml of water and I now get 10,000 unit I mix 10ml with, it’s such a big bottle I only mix it every 2 months and I was confused for a second… In your opinion should I just try the anastrozole first at .125mg every 3.5days before I change my hcg or what?

10,000 in 10ml would be correct. If it were me, I’d change the hcg protocol now. How old are you? If fertility is an issue then inject 250iu EOD. If not, you can get by with 250iu E3D. These changes will result in a little less production of E2 in your testes. Then I’d do 0.125mg or Adex twice weekly with the T cyp shots. This will allow you to run accurate labs halfway between injections so you can make good adjustments. You’ll need to give the new protocol about 4 weeks before testing. The problem with changing just one part of the protocol at a time is that you’ll have to adjust the Adex again.

Alright, I appreciate the help this has been a battle trying to figure out what I’m even doing I’ve felt like crap the better part of 2 years. I was going to the dr and he would do my labs and say everything was good.

I’ll start that immediately my next injection day. I will post back in 1 month with labs

So update with this, I took 1/8 of a mg of anastrozole for about 3 weeks I tried to schedule some labs but my dr was on vacation for 2 weeks. I stopped taking the anastrozole I dont know if it bottomed out my estrogen or what but I felt extremely depressed and irritable about 1 week after taking it. my wife definitely noticed something was wrong enough so that it affected her.

I’m not sure if maybe that is also to much? or maybe I don’t need it at all? I have 1mg tablets of it and I don’t know if I can possibly break them any smaller than 1/8… I have labs schedule for next Thursday but by then it will be out of my system so I will post back up with my labs/e2/test etc. off of the anastrozole

You shouldn’t break the pills more than in half. You will not get accurate doses. Dissolve the Adex pill in vodka and dispense with a syringe. You can put ten pills in 10ml of vodka. Be sure it’s completely dissolved. Then you have a liquid concentration of 1mg/ml. Get a 1cc syringe and draw up any dose from 0.1mg to 1mg accurately.

Sounds good at first I thought you meant to actually inject it its been a long day… I will make up a mix tomorrow… should I try the .125mg again? Or lower it since I was unsure if I was getting the correct dosage breaking the pills?

Try .1mg? I definitely don’t want to feel how I did

I’d start low and see how you respond.

What is a good level for your E2 to be I got my results back today and mine was 22.3 which seems high but when I take more anastrozole I felt really irritable and depressed maybe this is a good number for me? I felt really good the past 10 days of taking 1/10 a mg

E2=22 is perfect. That’s why you feel better.

Your opening post did not indicate how much T you inject or include any lag results. Lab ranges always helpful.

You may be an anastrozole over-responder and should try 1/4mg per week in divided doses.

Dissolving in alcohol was suggested earlier…

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Great thanks a ton for all your input I really appreciate it. I feel so much better and trying to get the dr to figure out what was wrong was a dead end he said at 38 my e2 was Normal but I knew something wasnt right

Ksman me and nash were talking in another thread where I believe I put my protocol sorry for the confusion

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Does this ratio of dissolve work with 2 pills or would that be too small?

My doc put me on .5 mg a week AI for a month to try it.

I only have 2 1mg pills. Would a 2mL solution work or is this too little? Can compound pharmacy make a solution for better titration?