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E2 NORMAL But Total Estrogen Serum High


Whats up everybody just needed some input as my endo says my total serum essay doesnt really matter because its never right on the tests its my e2 i should be worried about. im having pretty much every high estrogen symptom. Im on 100mg test cyp once a week and test and free test are both in great range. If the total e is to high how can i lower it without lowering my e2?
e2 is 16
total estrogen serum essay was 301

thanks ahead of time


We never get concerned with total estrogens and focus on E2.

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Suggested protocol:
50mg T self injected twice a week, SC/SQ or IM with #29 0.5ml 1/2" insulin syringes, upper legs - vastus lateralis, or anywhere SQ/SC.

1/2mg anastrozole at time of injections or as needed to get near E2=22pg/ml

How long on TRT for E2=16pg/ml result. This suggests anastrozole not needed or reduced dose.

Please post labs with ranges in list format. “in great range” is not informative.


Thanks so much for the reply I truly appreciate it. My question was if e2
is in range but total isn’t can I still have high estrogen sides?
I was self injecting with 175 for a year straight once a week of cypionate
with no blood work like a dummy and had enough so went to a endo. After my
last injection which was on a Monday he made me skip 2 weeks of injection
and get blood work and that’s when my these labs came in
Prolactin 6.6
Estradiol 16
Test total 463
Test free 91.2
the following Monday went in for a 100mg shot and will be doing so every
week it’s been 2 weeks and no further blood work.
Thanks again