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E2/Nipple Issues on 120mg Test Cyp

Been reading alot on this site, very informative.
Currently my protocol is 120mg test cyp once a week, .25 arimidex day after and another .25 arimidex three days later.

My blood test came back at:
Total t: 1350
E2: 60.2

My doctor has now double my AI dosage to .5 twice a week. My nipples seems to have grown in size or are puffy but no other gyno symptoms.

My question is should I start taking my AI the day of injection and then one 4 days later? Since I am a high aromatizer I feel this would be less time where my E2 would be higher. Also, are puffy nipples common where starting TRT level doses? My body fat has come down but have more work to do so obviously this is playing into E2 levels. Thank you!

Why not break that in half in go 2x per week?

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I’d drop it completely. You dont need an AI with TRT. Your E2 is actually low for a TT of 1350. You’re probably retaining water due to fucking with the AI.

3. Symptoms of Low Estrogen in Men

  • Fatigue.
  • Anxiety.
  • Irritability.
  • Depression.
  • Forgetfulness.
  • Oversleeping or sleeping too often.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • Water retention.

I don’t think you are. That ratio is pretty good, I run 78pg e2 with TT 1350ng, no AI. You’d be better served splitting the shots up during the week and eventually dropping the AI altogether. Low e2 sucks, and nipple puffiness can be many things

Is 78pg the UltraSensitive assay for E2?

No, the standard test

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When did you take the labs relative to injection day?

Bad dosing schedule, split into 2-3 and you just dont need the AI

Split the dose to every 3.5 days, drop the AI, and give it AT LEAST 8 weeks for your body to adjust, without changing anything.

My nipples were hard enough to cut glass and felt like I had razor blades runing across them everytime they were touched for 3 months after starting TRT is also a little higher than yours I’ve never taken an AI I’ve been on for almost 2 years no problems no tits

This is a TRT cycle and the clinic is pretty much hardcore about breaking protocol.

Thanks. I read that the AI should stabilize E2 after three weeks, which is when I was planning on getting labs drawn again. Maybe I will wait longer then. Just trying to get everything dialed in ASAP.

Yeah nipple size thing scared me to be honest. They are a little more cone looking than usual. I was riding at 60.2 E2 levels for probably a good 7 weeks and was hoping the gyno didn’t kick it. Need to get my bodyfat down to a more manageable level and will probably drop the AI. My natty E2 level was 30.

Thank you. I have read that is the best way to go actually. I will have to talk with my doctor about it but don’t think he would really care. Just looking to get everything dialed in and stabilized ASAP.

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I have been taking my labs fasted on injection day before the actual injection. Was told this would give the most reliable readings.

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Yeah totally new to the TRT world brotha. My natty levels are E2 30 and TT 550, so after TRT the ratio has actually gone down. The doctor wants to try and get my E2 into the mid 20s if possible. Working hard to get down bodyfat levels and get rid of the AI all together. Right now though, I think I need it for the time being.

Not sure about the water retention but the day after taking Arimidex I can sleep 10 hours easily, which is not normal. My E2 level is 60.2 at .25 twice and week, without it probably much higher and out of range. Think personally I need it for the time being but not long term.

That’s prolly gonna be too low, but you can try it and see. The whole idea of keeping e2 below 30pg doesn’t work for most guys on TRT. We’ve found that out the hard way

Mid 20s is good if you have like a 500 t level

This is extremely low e2 that will most likely cause more issues than testosterone deficiency.

Pre trt when I used some dim and crashed my e2 to 18-20 I felt worse than ever

On the other hand keeping e2 low is bad for the heart, bad for your lipids bones libido and other