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E2: Nebido vs Androgel vs Cypionate

So I have to choose one of the three TRT options since no other treatment is available in my country.
Nebido 1000/3 months
Cypionate 250/2weeks
Androgel once or twice a day.
Which one you think will raise E2 less?

All your options stink to high heaven! Cypionate is the prefered choice, but you don’t inject cypionate every 2 weeks, any doctor suggesting this is an idiot. Your doctor has to figure out your case, so it’s premature to come up with a protocol without reading your blood biomarkers first.

There was a study done back in 2005 men who were injected with 200mg every 2 weeks and the results were terrible. I suggest you find a doctor that specializes in TRT and not some garden variety endocrinologists or urologists as the majority of TRT ignorant.

Neither endocrinologists or urologists specializes in TRT, it’s not their area of expertise. Insurance is useless for TRT, yeah doctors can prescribe it, but they don’t know what the f*** they are doing so don’t expect them to be able to help you with any symptoms you encounter.

I had a private doctor who specializes in TRT figure out my case, I inject 21mg every 2 days. If you inject 200mg every 2 weeks, you will be in a world of hurt and will quit TRT within 6 months. Nebido and T-gels are garbage.

Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of 200mg testosterone enanthate every 2 weeks in patients with hypogonadism

Hi. I do have hypogonadism due to an adenoma in the brain. I am on different try protocols. Still stragling with high E2 and clueless doctors

Protocols, what protocols? List them.

Started with Nebido. Then changed into cypionate every 2 weeks. Still high E2. Thinking about the cream twice a day.

If you can’t tailor a protocol to your specific biomarkers, then you are f***ed. I have lower SHBG and hyper metabolize testosterone, I have to inject every 2 days or TRT doesn’t work.

Same here. No choice for you protocol in my country

We cannot help if your doctors are idiots and refuse to learn how to do TRT properly. Do you have possession of your testosterone medications for the injectables?

Yes. I inject Cypionate myself

So buy some insulin syringes and inject smaller doses more frequently, if you list all previous labs, we can recommend a protocol.

SHBG is the most important.

Im the oddball i guess,
Ive been on androgel 1.62 2 pumps a day for almost a year, my last labs were as follows
Total t 1206 on the 250-1100 scale
Free t was 211 on the 46-224 scale
Bio t was 425 on the 110-575 scale
Shbg was 32 on the 10-50 scale
I dropped down to 1 pump a day due to hematocrit up to 50

That looks promising. Once or twice a day?

Hudgfam is an outlier, most don’t absorb gels worth a damn.

Like systemlord said, why dont you get some syringes and needles and manage your own protocol? If you get vials of 250 Im fairly certain you can prefill syringes and store them until you are ready to use them. Then try 125mg a week or 62.5 x 2 a week.

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Thanks @NH_Watts. I didn’t know I could store the needles… Any certain precautions for that?

Maybe someone else who has done it could chime in but I would think:
A) Keep everything sterile, no touching needles or fluids.
B) Wipe down, with alcohol pads, anything exposed that will come in contact with something sterile. A lot of us get multiuse vials with a rubberish top that needs to be wiped clean before every needle draw.
C) Once the syringe is filled cap it immediately
D) (This is a guess) Store them in the freezer (preferably in a baggie to avoid contaminants on the outside of the syringe that may transfer during shot) The freezer should prevent any accidental bacteria (but this may be overkill).
E) Allow testosterone to come to room temperature (10-15mins on counter) before you inject otherwise the viscosity may be too thick and make it tough to inject.

@NH_Watts Thanks a lot. You are really helpful. This is what I inject. It is with Castor oil. So you think every 4 days will be ok?

I am unfamiliar with enanthate protocols sorry @A.Kiss2