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E2 Management Round 2 - Is This High E2?

Over the past week I freaked out and tried managing my E2 unsuccessfully.

Oddly enough on Saturday, I took 25mg of generic aromasin (I know, that’s a lot), and started feeling better the next day. The day after (Monday) I did my EOD injection, and hours later started feeling REALLY good.

Then I woke up in insane night sweats and had a hell of a time sleeping. Today, started my ED dosing regimen (for a total of 150mg t cyp and 900iu HCG/week). Hours later, started feeling REALLY REALLY good.

Except it felt like I was going to…explode. Like pressure in my head, chest, kinda weird. No nipple pain but maybe a little puffy? I dunno. And definitely overstimulated. And was sweating a LOT at the gym today. It’s settled down since, but I’m finding myself a little quick to temper and my positive mood easily thrown off. A friend joked earlier “is that this testosterone rage?”

Also been eating a lot which might be contributing to the bloated feeling and water retention.

Any guidance? Called Defy and they’re sending some anastrozole out and suggested I keep eating cruciferous veggies and switch to the ED protocol.

You never, ever want to block E2. Never. Ever. Throw your AI in the garbage. Let E2 find a balance with your testosterone. If you have symptoms after that, increase your dose of T until your symptoms go away. It’s that simple.

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Increase my T?

T = Testosterone. Yes. You increase your dose gradually over time until you have no symptoms.

That’s it. That is how you do TRT.

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Man, I was thinking more like take a day a day off and let it settle some. Might have overshot doing my EOD injection followed by my ED injection a day later and sent E2 a little high.

Forgot to mention too, woke up last night with this weird insane bladder pain. Took an ibuprofen and it finally went away. Was weird though, kept peeing cloudy, and had to keep going. What’s up with these supposed high E2 urinary symptoms?

@bigmistake2 you need to erase ‘high E2’ from your vocabulary. You absolutely need to erase this nonsense from your head.

The guys who feel fantastic on TRT have their T levels significantly higher than you realize. We’re talking free T in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. They never worry about their E2 as they know that it causes no harm, is good for them, and they have no symptoms.

Anytime you modify your protocol your body has to adjust. You’ll have ups and downs. It’s normal. You need to settle on frequent injections and keep your dose steady for awhile to give your body the time to balance out.