E2 Management on Clomid

Hi all,

Wanted to get your opinion on how I should manage my anastrazole dose based on my e2 results while also taking Clomid.

I have been on Clomid 25 mg EOD for about 3 months.

After 1 month on Clomid and .25 mg anastrazole every 4 days, my levels were as follows:
T- 631
Standard E2 - 17

I was having bad joint pain and fatigue so I cut my anastrazole dose in half and took .125 mg anastrazole every 5 days and 25 mg Clomid EOD:
Total t - 683
Standard e2: 22
Sensitive e2: 17

I’m still having joint pain and tendinitis but feeling better energy wise. Should I just cut out the anastrazole all together or maybe try .125 mg every 6 days.

Would changing from .125 E5D to E6D allow my e2 to recover or should I just cut out the anastrazole? Once a week?

My doc is just telling me to continue with current protocol but I’m hating this joint pain.

I would cut anastrozole completely and see if that helped the joint pain. I am assuming this is something new for you and correlated with clomid/anastrozole treatment.

It sounds like you didn’t crash estrogen but knocked it down low. Stop the AI and if high E2 symptoms return take half the AI dosage.

You could also take the AI every 4 days if you find E2 climbing before your next AI dosage after 5 days.

The joint pain SHOULD subside once you let off the arimidex and let your E2 rise back up.

Don’t take this lightly. I have WRECKED my knees with low e2. I have just recently got back into squatting after almost 2 years of torture.

First year, I could barely walk. Constant pain. It was hell. Don’t make the same mistake.

Stop the arimidex completely.

It has taken me almost 2 years to feel some slight degree of recovery.

So here is what has been going on:

After my last labs were taken, my doc decided to try me out on 12.5 mg Clomid EOD and quit taking arimidex completely. I have read some people actually get better T results on this Clomid dose So I figured I’d try it out. I have been on 12.5 Clomid for about 10 days and my last arimidex dose was 5 days ago. I initially felt really bad and fatigued, almost exhausted all day but this has gone away and I feel much better now. However, I have pretty much lost all of my morning wood/nocturnal erections. I doubt my e2 would have immediately climbed so much that it’s causing this, esp since I just took arimidex Saturday with a lower dose of Clomid so I’m thinking maybe it went too low when I lowered Clomid and this will recover since I quit taking arimidex? Or I’m hoping so at least. Still having a little joint pain, decent sex drive, just no morning wood. Can’t get labs for another month or sk

Drop the arimidex!!! Once you drop it dont make the mistake so many make here and suddenly decide you feel your e2 “climbing” so you knee jerk reaction and dose (probably overdose) arimidex. Based on the way arimidex actually works you may have a temporary “rebound” effect. This is because arimidex only attaches to aromatase but doesn’t kill it. Once you stop taking the arimidex all that aromatase is surely released back into your system is allowed to convert your testosterone into estrogen. You have to let it stabilize but based on your bloods it doesn’t seem like you would even notice. Stop playing this balancing act with female breast cancer drugs and let your body do its job of balancing everything.

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I agree. I am impatient and want it all to be fixed ASAP. I have quit arimidex and not planning on taking again.

I’m hoping the Clomid 12.5 EOD is more beneficial than the 25 mg eod without having to take arimidex.

We will see.