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E2 Management (First Course of Treatment)

I am about to pull the trigger on adex and want to make sure I have it right. I have read all of the threads on the subject (twice) and have my brand new bottle of anastrozole (1 mg/30ml) in front of me. I did a quick test to establish that there are 35 drops in 1 ml.

I am currently on 100 ml test in divided doses weekly. My latest labs came back with TT at 592 and E2 at 36. I am going to be starting HCG shortly.

My reading suggests 1 mg of adex per week in divided doses as a starting point. This would equal 5 drops per day or 10 drops EOD. Am I correct on this and is this how folks would suggest getting started? I will have new labs drawn in 3 weeks (I have an open order for TT and ultra-sensitive E2 every 3 weeks).

Any other thoughts or advice (i.e. start with less, go with EOD, etc.) will be appreciated.


Yes, your arithmetic is correct and it is a good starting point. Since I take my test EOD, I also take my anastrozole EOD and that way I do everything on the same day which just keeps it all simple for me.

Just for the sake of carefulness, your anastrozole should be 1mg/ml and not 1mg/30ml.

Thanks for the confirmation. You are right, it is 1mg/ml and is in a 30 ml vial.

I will have to decide between ED and EOD. Not sure about keeping track of EOD. Maybe MWF?

Last Question (maybe): do you guys take the liquid adex by putting drops in water? I can’t imagine dropping 11 drops into my mouth and being accurate.

Sorry for all the annoying questions…

You could always take 5 drops 6 days a week too.
I put mine in water, some go right for the tongue…
Don’t forget; you could always front load the first week with 2mg’s, then cut back to 1 from there on to get a head start on reducing your E2 levels.