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E2 Making Me Lose My Mind

On 300mg of sust 2x a week

Didn’t get bloods done before for baseline like an idiot but I have been doing them almost weekly

I’m taking 12.5mg of aromasin ED

Parameters of e2 are 7.6-42.6 pg/ml

My e2 goes like this…

Lab results for each week:

And now

WTH lol should I bump to 25mg ED?

The only other thing I can think of is it’s the sust giving me erratic blood results due to the 4 different esters

Big question: Are you having symptoms?

Thanks for responding

Sorta … libido has been a little low but then again not many women in my life lol My joints have been a bit aching and I slept like sh*t last night. I was on fire. And my feet have been hurting as well.

My e2 was doing “well” and heading south. My test dose has stayed the same. I don’t get it

I jab Monday and Thursday and usually take bloods on Friday (somwtimes saturday)

In addition I also take 50mg of proviron a day as well.

I’ve been working a lot and very hard lately. Maybe it’s stress related? Don’t know

Low libido, aching joints. These are low E2 symptoms.

Are you having any bloat, emotional symptoms, acne, sweating in bed at night? Those are the higher E2 symptoms.

Proviron also acts as an aromatase inhibitor doesn’t it? What is your SHBG like?

I’m going for a sensitive e2 test today … after further digging I believe this is the best bet. I believe my signs are just fatigue as I worked 140 hours in 2 weeks.

Report back!

Great to see this lab work here!

General: If one injects once a week, levels are changing and lab results are then largely defined by when one does the lab work. Injecting twice a week always doing labs halfway between injections lessens the noise from lab timing.

You are injecting twice a week.

Your dosing needs to be consistent so results are not showing dose timing or missed dose errors.

I do not know if aromasin is up to the task.
You can try doubling the dose, if that does not work, try 4 mg anastrozole a week in divided doses. If E2 crashes, stop for 4 days then resume at 1mg/week in divided doses [you would be an anastrozole over-responder].

Good target would be E2=22pg/ml - 80 pmol/L

If getting near the above, expect to feel a real difference in 5-7 days. If feel great for a day then crash, you are an over-responder.

Got my e2 sensitive result back!

Labcorp Values for men are 8.0-35.0 pg/ml

My e2 sensitive came back as 10.0

What the helllllll haha

So my e2 is in “range” but a little on the lower side. A week ago I wanted to up my dosage now I’m thinking of going eod instead of ed

I’m telling you it’s driving me nuts!

explains the aching joints and low libido.

Yet it’s still in range … and my normal e2 tests were coming back high. It’s very confusing. My libido is lower than usually due to me not having a minute to think about kitty

I’m going to cut back to 12.5 eod and go get tested again in 2 weeks …

New plan

m-w-f - 12.5 Aromasin

Get tested on a Saturday

Your E2 is 10, and your still gonna take the AI? Bad news.

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My e2 is within range for the sensitive test. 8-32

I currently take 12.5 of aromasin ed.

Why wouldn’t I just ease up on it to get it a little higher?

Before I started taking AI , my e2 was in the 80s on the regular test and the lastest regular showed me averaging in the 30/40’s

Makes perfect sense to ease up on the aromasin. It’s a suicidal. There will be no rebound and new estro will be created and tamed with eod dosage

Your e2 should be in the mid 20’s, not 8.

Stop the AI. Introduce back when you start having high symptoms, and start low. Like 6mg eod.


Lol can’t take your advice. You just keep skipping over the information I keep posting

These are 2 different tests. If my e2 for the e2 sensitive was at 30ish , I would have high e2

My e2 sensitive isn’t 8 either , it’s 10.

My e2 regular tests also show I was in my 20-40s and suddenly spiked to 51 which is over the preferred for males on the regular test

Parameters for e2 regular (7.6-42.6)

Parameters for e2 sensitive (8-35)

I knew they were 2 different tests.

My mistake, your e2 is 10, not 8, when it should be in the mid 20’s on the sensetive test.

Good luck.

Your e2 is way too low for that amount of testosterone which is why you feel not well. E2 ranges are worthless when you are using well over physiological amounts of testosterone. Drop the AI.

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Clearly ‘in-range’ (or atleast that low of the scale) is wrong for you. Try this; take @physioLojik advice and drop the AI…monitor how you feel and when you feel good get another sensitive E test. Use those results as your target E number.


just to add: even once you get your E in balance, it can still take a little while for your brain to catch up and have you feeling normal again.

“In range” is meaningless if you don’t feel well. Trust your body, not the arbitrary range that was set up to capture a wide swath of the population in aggregate.