E2 Low While Off Testosterone


Took blood work about 5 weeks after I got off testosterone and here are my results. I’m in Germany so measurements are different than use.
FYI I don’t have a deficiency. Just someone who been taking anabolics off and on for years, but now I just stick to Test between 150-300mgs. Usually I come one about 4 months and take couple months off.

My Hematocrit levels are 56!!(range 38-Hemoglobin 18.6(range [13.1-16.8] Testosterone 3 .8 ([2.50-8.40ng/ml) E2 10 [11-43]

My levels are always in the normal range when I’m off. I understand my HCT levels being high since I never donated and I never give the time for them to level in normal range.

Blood pressure is always normal, no headaches, chest pain or nothing.

Symptoms brain fog/ Brain Spacey feeling, lethargic. I do have natural high anxiety (courtesy of the Iraq war back in 2003)

Sex drive is normal, but not like when I’m on.

I’m currently on torimifine for a few weeks now. 60mgs ED first two weeks and 40mgs this last week.

I was never on AI’s during the last for 4 months since I kept my test dosage low and I’m not prone to gyno. Just water weight bloat and I’m fine with that.

Doc didn’t seem to concern with my HCT, but I know it’s an issue. I expected at least a script for blood letting. I can’t donate (had lyme disease once upon a time)

Has anyone ever had problems with low E2 while off and anyway to bring em up to normal range? I usually range from 40-100 while on without an AI.

I’m 41

I had low E2 two weeks ago before restarting TRT, I had all of the classic symptoms of low estrogen. It’s had Total T at 91 ng/dL (3.1 nmol/L) that there is hardly any estrogen from the little amount of T being produced.

As for increasing estrogen, you need more testosterone.

Your E2 is low because your testosterone is insufficient. The averages for healthy men at age 41 isn’t 380 ng/ml, it’s higher.

Sleep apnea can cause high hematocrit levels.

A lot of war veterans have deficiencies in growth hormone.

Did you have IGF-1 levels tested?

I do have sleep apnea.

I been out of army since 04.

Never had a baseline IGF, but when I took 3ius GH was 469, but that was 3 years ago.

Should I opt for clomid 25mgs a day and drop the torimifine.

Test always in the "low normal when I’m off. I know age has to do with it, but I don’t feel the low T.
It’s when coming off after weeks is an issue.

I know it’s my body recovering, but low E2 was the first for me.

My last blood work while off E2 was 47

There’s your problem. Toremifene. You cannot test Estradiol accurately while on a SERM.
I also know from personal experience as well. I retested while I was on Toremifene and my estradiol changed from one day to the next or even the same day from a different lab; Went from very low to mid-range.

Although your testosterone is on the low side, it’s still in range. How long have you been on the Torem? You only need 15mg (1/4 tab) twice per week x 4 weeks. More is not better, as it has negative effects on your adrenal function and likely is working against your recovery. I’d stop taking it based on the amount you have already taken. The drug and its metabolites will take about 8 weeks to clear.

Torimifine about 3 weeks. Betwee 40-60 mgs. I did 90mgs one day. I used it as a stand alone in the past 20mgs when I took a large break from anabolics, but never as a PCT. Always used low dose clomid
I had an idea it was the SERM that threw my estrogen off, but I wasn’t sure.
I will stopped and get blood work in a few weeks again.
Good looking out