E2 Levels High. Should I Worry?


fair question. My post said that I suspect that I am, I am not certain, but I am new to this. when i started trt, i was having some sex drive, but not great. shortly into trt the sex drive was improving then it stopped all together, within a week, as I have gradually lowered the AI dose it has come back a bit, but not where it was before I started. So this is the only clue I have, though I would like to be aware of other possible indicators.

This was mostly in the stickies. You will see how labs are used to adjust the dose to achieve a target E2 level.

Many have used liquid anastrozole that is over one year old and have labs that indicate that there is not indication of lost potency.

[quote]KSman wrote:
Many have used liquid anastrozole that is over one year old and have labs that indicate that there is not indication of lost potency.[/quote]

I suspect this is the case as well, but was just stating what the pharmacist’s “official” press release was.

But you also have to consider your source, quality of product, original potency, etc. I think its much easier to just go the pharmacy route if you can do so. Otherwise, its the wild west as far as quality goes (google searches help though, I don’t suppose they had that in the wild west).

I also really wonder about the reliability of RC stuff…it really is grey market and I can’t see what’s to stop someone selling fake stuff to make a quick buck. Obviously word would spread eventually, but it seems like an attractive proposition. Big-name supplement makers do it all the time (BSN and its “magic creatine”, for example.) That’s why I would really insist that anyone using liquid Adex get some labs done to comfirm that it’s working. Word is that RC’s are generally legit, but who really knows? They’re only a step up from UGL’s as far as I’m concerned. Ditto peptide makers. If you didn’t get it from a licensed U.S. pharmacy, it’s suspect.

Update. Been on the liquid anastrozole for a month and 3 days now and right at the one month mark I started having what I would call good days. Not like when I was at my highest but much better. I have been taking 5 drops a day (35 drops= 1mg in my dropper). Second, I heard about a mens health seminar being put on by a local hospital. Was on duty so I couldn’t make it but it’s the same people who do our physicals.I give them a call and ask whos presenting and the girl tells me it’s a cardiologist, bummer, she asks why and I give her a quick over view of my situation. She states she is pretty sure they are discussing TRT and says she will have the coordinator call me. He does and It turns out this cardiologist is upset we don’t have anyone dealing with mens health issues so he is getting into it. He is looking into becoming one of the Cenegenics affiliated Dr.s. Thats the group best known for Dr. Jeffery Life out of Las Vegas. This Dr. is well know and respected as a cardiologist and has been practicing for over 20 years so I dont think he’s going to be like most of the anti aging places that just give you a menu and let you pick what you want. He sounds like he’s actually goi ng to do what you need and work for your best intrest. I’ve got an appointment on the 18th of this month to meet him so I really hope so. I’ll post up what happens. Oh, best part, It’s covered by my insurance!!

Congrats, best of luck and keep us posted on how it goes.

Had my first visit and really like this Dr. He did a full physical and has me doing several tests, blood work, syliva, calcium, ekg, echo, and an in home sleep study. He also set up appointments with a dietitian, and a trainer if I want. The best part was that he spent at least thirty min. talking with me and my wife going over all our questions and concerns before we left. I see him towards the end of Sept to go over all the tests and set up a plan of action. Hopefully he remains open minded and pregressive in my treatment. I’ll post how It goes.

Some new lab work. Still waiting on the syliva test for Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, nd DHEA. Also did the Calcium CT scan but don’t have the score yet (see the Dr. on the 22).
WBC 3.89 (4.0-10.50)
RBC 4.73 (4.6-6.2)
HGB 14.5 (13.0-17.5)
HCT 42.0 (40.0-54.0)
MCV 88.8 (82-96)
MCH 30.7 (27-33)
MCHC 34.5 (37.0-47.0)
RDW-SD 43.2 (37.0-47.0)
RDW-CV 13.2 (11.0-16.0)
PLT COUNT AUTO 253 (150-400)
MPV 10.8 (8.0-13.5)
ABS NEUTRO CNT 1.9 (1.8-7.6)
%NEUTROS 47.6 (41-71)
%LYMPHS 39.8 (15-45)
%MONOS 6.7 (2.5-9.6)
%EOS 4.9 (0-6.0)
%BASOS 1.0 (0.0-2.0)
%IG 0.0 (0.0-2.0)
GLUC 75 (74-106)
BUN 13 (7-18)
CREA 1.3 (0.6-1.3)
BCR 10.0 (10-20)
CALCIUM 9.3 (8.5-10.1)
GLOB 3.1 (2.0-4.0)
TP 7.5 (6.4-8.2)
ALB 4.4 (3.4-5.0)
A/G RATIO 1.4 (1.0-2.2)
CHOL 195
TOTAL BILIRUBEN 0.6 (0.2-1.0)
ALP 57 (50-136)
AST (SGOT) 15 (15-37)
ALT 37 (12-78)
SODIUM 143 (136-145)
K 4.4 (3.5-5.1)
CL 101 (98-107)
CO2 26 (21-32)
ANION GAP 16 (5-14)
DBIL <0.10 (0.00-0.30)
IBIL 0.5 (0.0-1.1)
HDL 51 (35-60)
LDL 132
VLDL 12 (8.0-30.0)
CRP <0.3 (0.0-0.9)
PSA 0.7 (0.0-4.0)
GROWTH HORMONE <0.1 (0.0-2.9)
VITAMIN B12 646 (211-946)
TESTOSTERONE 486 (249-836)
VITAMIN D,25 73.6 (32.0-100.0)
HOMOCYSTEIN,BLD 14.3 (0.0-15.0)

Anything else I should be sking for? I wanted E2 with the blood work too sice thats what I had been using but he likes the syliva test. Also no free test,T3 or T4 unless It’s done on the syliva.

Saliva tests are useless for everything but cortisol, IME…I’d be curious to see what they are though to bounce against your serum testosterone levels (which we know are pretty well correlated to actual symptoms)…

Your growth hormone is terrible…I would look into GH peptides (GHRP-6/MOD GRF 1-29).

You also need to look at why your RBC/WBC and other CMP markers are so low. That is very concerning. Quick google for low WBC causes:

-Cancer treatment
-Severe malnutrition
-Folic acid or vitamin B12 deficiency

My count has been near the bottom of the range every time its been checked (16 years of work physicals) and I have asked why but have been told thats just how I am. No drugs, no cancer tratments, B12 looked good (first time its been checked). What can be checked to further check into this? Could this just be my normal? I am curious as to what he wants to do on the GH. I have heard that Insurances usually don’t cover GH and it’s fairly expensive.

HGH is expensive…thats why I suggested peptides

Everything I’m finding on peptides deals with research chemicals, is this something my Dr can prescribe or just grey market? Does any one have any first hand experiance using it for health/anti-aging vs BB? I read it increases appetite quite a bit and I’m still a little heavy, do the benifits out weight the increase in calories or would I really need to watch my intake?

Most of what I read is split between good and bad reviews so I’m a little sceptical. As for my levels, could this be my norm or should I pushing my Dr to find a reason? Thanks again

Syliva test results (ZRT Labs)
Hormone Test In Range Out Of Range Units Range
Estradiol (saliva) 0.5 pg/ml 0.5-2.2
Testosterone (saliva) 128 pg/ml 44-148 (Age Dependent)
DHEAS (saliva) 10.6 ng/ml 2-23 (Age Dependent)

I had been off the liquid anastrozol for 3 or 4 days when I did the test (5 drops a day = 1 mg week)
This seems strange since I had been at 61 with Quest (blood).
I read Anastrozol has a half life of 50 hours so I feel I should have been much higher???

Here are the age ranges for men according to them

Estradiol 0.5-2.2 0.5-1.5
12-100 25-100
Topical Progesterone (5-10 mg) 42-650
All Ages 44-148 50-200
Ages 16-30 72-148
Ages 31-50 58-120
Ages 51-70 44-94
Ages > 70 30-77
(12-24 Hrs.)
Androgel* (25-50 mg) 1300-3700
Topical Testosterone (5-10 mg) 115-800 200-500
All Ages 2-23 3-10
Ages 16-30 7-23
Ages 31-45 6-18
Ages 46-60 4-11.5
Ages 61-75 2.4-7.5
(12-24 Hrs.)
Oral DHEA (25 mg) 6-17
Topical DHEA (10 mg) 4-15
Estrone 0-3 0-3
Estriol 0-3 0-3

Which is why it is common knowledge that saliva tests are useless for anything but cortisol…

Re: Peptides…your doctor can’t prescribe them–they are technically for “research” only…but there are good suppliers out there…

GHRP6 can increase hunger–GHRP2 does not seem to do this as much…truthfully though, G6 the hunger is there, but unless you have no will power its not like youre going to wake up in the middle of the night and sleepwalk to eat a 10 pound ham…

anti-again has much better affects than BB, with peptides…one dose before bed is all it takes…

VTBalla I sent you a PM. Thanks

OK, had my follow up with the new Dr. My CT Calcium score was 0, he decided to up my test to 200mg a week and suggested I inject E2D since I seem to be jumping about 100 points on my test blood work (always test 2 to 3 days after my last injection, is it possible to metabolize it that fast?), put me on 100mg DHEA a day to help HGH ( think I will try the peptides), and VTBalla was right the siliva test was useless.

Turns out the Pharmacist was the one pushing for it so we will be sticking with the blood from now on. I think I will go with 2 or 3 drops a day of the liquid Anastrozol instead of the 5 I was using. Siliva test showed me at the lowest level ( 0.5 ) don’t know if that is zero though. I do feel I had passed the sweet spot though.

As for the blood count he believes it’s a combo of my severe allergies and just being my norm. Over all pretty happy with how it’s going ( except the E2 since I now have to guess at it for the next 6 weeks ).My sleep study also showed no real problems, I just have a hard time falling asleep even with ZMA, GABA, and Melatonin so he prescribed Mirtazapine to help sleep and mood ( anybody used this? )

Thanks again for all the great info you guys share on the forum! God only knows the condition I would be in if I hadn’t been able to educate myself.