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E2 Levels Creeping Up


Started lifting a few years ago and had a hell of a time putting muscle on. Long story short, I have a pituitary adenoma and it was jacking with the gland’s ability to communicate with testicles. Doc puts me on T injections and I noticed results immediately: increased energy, libido up, lean muscle mass, etc.

One year later, I’m taking 200 per week (after being at 180 through most of the year), and my T is 820, PSA 0.9, and while E2 had been normal, it creeped up to 39. Now all of a sudden, I get these limp erections. I had only been taking taking 1/4 tab of arimidex, so I thought maybe I should increase it to lower the E2. Doc says its in the normal range, I must have other medical issues.

Just seems strange that everything was really good, we boost up the T, and now I’ve got erectile dysfunction. For some guys 39 is normal perhaps, but I had been running in the high teens most of the year and felt great.



I think you answered your own question. e2 @ 39 = limp dick. e2 in the teens = feel great.


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E2=39pg/ml is your problem.

The therapeutic goal is 22pg/ml which is optimal for energy, libido, mood, fat loss and fat patterns.

Easy to calculate the new Arimidex/anastrozole dose:

new dose = old dose X E2/22
new dose = 0.25mg X 39/22

But you stated that you only tool Arimidex once a week. As serum anastrozole levels were often near zero, we can’t do calculations.

TT=820 is also not very useful as TT peaks and drops and lab results are mostly more of a lab timing artifact than anything else.

Do labs, always, halfway between injections so changes are not timing artifacts. So you can’t do labs just because you are at doc’s office one day.

Inject 100mg T twice a week.
Take 0.5mg anastrozole at time of injections

Later on, get E2 tested and the use suggested formula to calculate a new dose. The result will defy pill splitting. Dissolve anastrozole 1mg/ml in vodka and dispense by the drop or by volume.

Very few doctors understand these issues. Never assume that what a doc says about hormones is factual. Lab normal ranges are statistics, normal distributions, and docs then take the word normal as a normal state of heath. Many men in the sample populations that created the ranges had high E2 and problems, their quality of life and general health sucked, and that is normal.