E2 Levels Creeping Higher

I have been on TRT for two years, and running 100Mg of Test Eth a week, injecting twice a week. No HCG or AI. Very happy with the results but over the last two quarters my E2 levels started rising, and the last session my doctor dropped me to 80MG a week and E2 went even higher (with test obviously down).

Any reason you would see E2 rise with no change in protocal?

Here are my labs 100Mg/week:

E2 - 25.8pg/ml
Free Test - 726pmol (range 196-636)

Felt great, then next quarters blood test (still on 100mg/week) saw
E2 - 31pg/ml
Free Test - 683 (range 196-636)

At this time Dr was worried about being over ranges and creeping E2 so dropped me to 80mg/week:

E2 - 39pg/ml
FreeTest - 464 (range 196-636)

Generally my strength is down a bit, motivation down a bit, and some anxiety is back, so not liking this spot. Any ideas why E2 would drift higher while on the same T dose?

I’m not sure why it took so long for your E2 to elevate, but no one on these boards will be surprised. You need an AI. Once your E2 goes down, your FT will go back up. At 80mg of T per week, I’d try 1/4mg Adex twice weekly then test and adjust in 4 weeks.

The T lab ranges are insanely low. Are these VA labs?
You want to be looking at youthful T levels, not age adjusted ranges.

E2 can increase from:

  • fat gain
  • increased alcohol consumption
  • liver problems
  • liver having to cope with Rx or OTC drugs
  • declining thyroid function
  • statin drugs lowering CoQ10

You do not have a TRT problem, you have a doctor problem. See the stickies found here: About the T Replacement Category - #2 by KSman
and the finding a TRT doc sticky.

Yes this drop has not been great. 80Mg is just not enough on its own, I feel it mentally and see it in my bodyfat creep up, which only took a few months to manifest itself.

I do my testing in Ontario, Canada, so we have literally one choice which is Lifelabs.

What I didnt expect to see was my E2 levels rise over time with TRT. My original dose was working well (just over top of the range, E2 was nice), so was under the impression I could keep that protocal as is.

Looks like I need to find a way to get my hands on an AI. Hopefully my doctor will give it.