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E2 Levels: Blood vs. Saliva


My blood E2 levels were just just over the normal range (high) for my blood test, and then 2 or 3 days later were on the very low end of normal on a saliva test. What do you make of this?


what was the test name? Quest sensitive?


Blood was through Lab Corp and saliva through Biohealth Diagnotics. All that it says on the test is Estradiol 6 (E2) on the blood test results.


The problem with saliva tests is that most here have no idea what the numbers mean.

So tell us what E2 symptoms you have.

Lab results can be bogus too.


Male / Female ranges?


We have good results using labcorp E2 data with a few exceptions of false very low numbers. If you are high on labcorp E2, you really need to take some action.