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E2 Lab Madness- Labcorp vs Quest

Quest Diagnostics 9/29/12 (thru GP doc by request)

Estradiol, Ultrasensitive, LC/MS/MS--------50 high----------< or = 29 pg/ml

Labcorp 10/12/12 (on my own thru LEF)

Estradiol- std Code 4515, Roche ECLIA----------21.9-----------7.6 - 42.6 pg/ml

Posting for comparison purposes for anyone interested. Note that I have not
been on an AI with TRT. TRT at 100mg test cyp/week, 2 x 50mg SQ per week.

Both done at the same time? We have had some things like this before.

How long on TRT and how do you feel?

Hey KSMan,

I realized after re-reading the stickies that the Quest Ultrasensitive E2 is not recommended, but I didn’t specify which test I wanted the doc to order at the time and that’s what he used for some reason. The tests were taken a week or so apart but nothing about my protocol changed between the two.

I’ve been on trt going on 6 years- I’m 53 now. Diagnosed primary hypogonadal by urologist only after primary doc attempted and failed at restart of endogenous testosterone production. Was never counseled in proper TRT protocol so took it on myself to learn on my own.

As far as how I feel- I feel pretty good on 50mg test cyp 2x weekly SQ. Total T was running in the mid-600’s last time I had it checked. However I do seem to have some symptoms which may be E2 related. I have some of the “flushing” or feeling hot that others have mentioned. I also believe I’m retaining fluid which presents as some mild peripheral edema in my hands,legs/feet, and face. However, I suppose this could also be related to being more sensitve to sodium since going on TRT from what I’ve read. I plan on having more comprehensive labs done in the next couple weeks through LEF/Labcorp and will also make sure I get the sensitive assay on E2 for comparison purposes.

YOu want the 4021x test from Quest. The name (and ranges) have changed over the years, but that seems to be the most consistent. I believe the range is still <=39 (not 29…are you sure you didn’t make a typo?)

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
YOu want the 4021x test from Quest. The name (and ranges) have changed over the years, but that seems to be the most consistent. I believe the range is still <=39 (not 29…are you sure you didn’t make a typo?)[/quote]

Hey VTBalla,

Thanks much for the info. No, I just glanced again at the lab and it specifically says <=29, not 39. Lab code was EZ which is Quest San Juan Capistrano, CA location. Maybe they made a typo on their own report, who knows?! Next time I have my GP run it I will specify 4021x and see what they come up with. Going to use Labcorp on my own next with the right code for sensitive assay, and then comparison numbers will be had for all. :slight_smile:

Your Labcorp was actually the right test.

Thanks VT. I thought I read that a sensitive assay from Labcorp range 3 < > 70 was the best test?! I could be confusing that with the range preferred on another forum though. That’s one of the problems with trying to keep up with more than one forum when educating yourself about TRT .

At any rate, going by the Labcorp test it appears I’m right at KSMan’s “sweet spot” for E2. It’s probably just as well that I don’t need to tweak my estradiol . As an experiment on how it would make me feel, I got ahold of some liquidex over the weekend and took .50 mg. I developed a wicked bronchitis-like cough overnight and I believe it has caused my household allergies to flare. If I ever do need an AI, it’ll have to be one of the others. This side effect of anastrazole is enough to keep me from using it.

Yeah I think Labcorp either currently has, or used to have, a 3-70 or so test, but this new one (the one you posted) seems to be a bit better. That is the one I use when I get bloodwork from them and it seems to chart pretty well to my symptoms and aligns with my Quest test (the 4021x).

Gotcha! Thanks much VT. No need to muddy the waters then. I’ll stick with Labcorp 4515 as a baseline. Just interesting to compare the other tests out there.