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E2 is Getting Better, But...


Hey Guys,

I have been on an E2 roller coaster for the last 2 months from a high of 110 to a low of <12. I just got some limited lab work done:

E2 30 PG/ML (<63)
Free T3 3.2 PG/ML (2.3-4.2)
Test 1513 NG/DL (292-867)
Free Test 29.6 NG/DL (4.8-25)
SHBG 56 NMOL/L (16-94)

I am on .25mg of Anastrozole that I take with each injection. I inject 80mg of test twice a week. I also inject 300 units of hCG at the same time.

I inject on Monday and Thursday and took the blood test Wed morning so I guess some of the AI was out of my system by then. How long does AI stay in your system? Do you think my E2 was actually higher on Tue or would Wed likely be like Mon?

I'd like to see my E2 down around 22 so I am wondering if I should increase my AI or decrease my Test. If I took down my test to 60mg twice a week (120mg/wk), do you think that would bring it down the right amount?




Based on that you take Adex 0.5mg weekly

.5 * 30/22 = .68mg weekly to achieve 22 ( if you stick with your current protocol)

But since your test is double the top range maybe a decrease would also help and then you would need to check e2 and adjust as required.


Oddly, my doc wants to take me off AI. Thinks Zinc and EstroDIM will solve my E2 issues even without AI. I am going to talk with him later today to try and change his mind.

My goal for this program was also to gain some muscle and lose some fat. This is why the doc said he wanted me on higher doses of test. However, I am thinking that hCG may be causing some of these issues.

Any idea how much E2 goes up with hCG? I can only guess that if my E1 was at 30 on Wed then by Thu it might be as high as 40. If I were to reduce my hCG to 150 units per dose instead of 300, do you think that might lower my E2 enough to address this?


Decrease the test. There are no health benefits to having levels in that high of a range, and it's too low of a dose to have any real AAS-like benefits. Long-term effects are also unknown/unresearched. You are better off in the high end of normal, and it will be much easier to control your E2 at that dose.