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E2 is 65. How to Lower It?

I just got some values back on my blood work and E2 at 65. Not sure what’s available to lower that number?

That’s way too high. You’re going to need to start Anastrazole to bring that number down to around 20, and sustain it. Can take 2-3 months to feel better once you dial it in and maintain.

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Hold your horses buddy, E levels of 65 is not too high. Are there any symptoms? Or issues? Dont just tell people to start an AI. Lots has changed since the old days of trying to keep estrogen low. TRT changes all parameters. If T goes up so does Estrogen. Leave things alone


Are you suffering from anything or is it that you dont like that number? Dont touch an AI and let your body figure it all out. Your body knows what to do, just give it time.

You’re gonna ruin this guys life.


The poster asked for what’s available to bring his number down. I’ve been on Anastrazole for over a decade without any side effects, and very positive results like many guys in this community. What is this talk of ruining lives all of the sudden?


Yeah right, most people are secondary and their bodies clearly DO NOT know what to do.


Some people wait for ever and never get this relief. If our bodies knew what to do we wouldn’t be on TRT. It’s exogenous T we are talking about making it even more complicated for our bodies to “know what to do”.

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He asked what he could take to bring it down, without any mention of issues, and symptoms yet you say that he has to lower it to around 20. So lets say he goes past 20 and tanks his E levels dicking around with an AI. His life wont be actually ruined forever but it will be for weeks. Anyway, I see that you are from the old skool of TRT, which makes you a bit of a pioneer, thanks for your sacrifice. Taking an AI is not a death sentence but it has been proven by many of us that if you allow your body to do the work it will find homeostasis. Manually adjusting E levels interferes with aromatase enzyme production which could become an issue if your body decides to no longer produce it since you are literally inhibiting its production. I know it sounded a bit exaggerated but its not far from the truth.

Just because a component in your brain failed it doesnt mean that your entire body has. Seriously man, thats a very ignorant way to see your body. Anyway, Im just trying to be the voice of reason. Arguing about this has been the highlight of every TRT thread. Im secondary hypo and I dont need an AI. Im not everyone and some actually do need an AI, not arguing that. Im simply stating that taking an AI because the number is high is just plain ole reckless. That number is dynamic and changes daily.


What is forever? Every guy with issues in here, that fixates on E hasnt been on TRT forever. For the most part they have been on it for weeks or a few months. The dialed in concept needs to be erased from our minds. We are creatures that are always going to be thinking about what is wrong with us if something goes wrong, you wake up moody, your stamina is not consistent or you have an itchy nipple. Again, not here to argue, just pointing out that it takes time. It took me 3 months to actually see benefits, 6 months to notice the real changes and a full year to reach a plateau that my mind and body want to overcome. Its natural. In that time I have stopped taking supplements, and ED meds. Only to restart them again because I felt like I needed an extra boost in the endothelial department. Taking an AI is never a boost, its a nosedive. Often guys on TRT with consistent issues have other problems that need to be addressed. So dont take an AI just because someone says that your E levels are too high. How do you feel? My T levels are 3 times what they used to be, I expect E to do the same thing.

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That is a long time to wait with certain symptoms some experience. I just couldn’t wait longer and longer as things got progressively funky. To be fair maybe there should be a slow titration process.

This not true. T is a hormone that is recognized by your body with ease. It knows the chemistry and knows where to put it to use. SHBG is also important in knowing what is happening with the amount you inject. If you have a Total T level of 1000 with SHBG in the high range, forget about it being put to use. Its a cruel joke since its bound and not actually working on your behalf. Your mind complicates things, your body simplifies it by processing the signals. Throw in an AI and you’ve lost the co-pilot, suddenly you’re now in charge of every detail. Patience is key, but as you pointed out, most people dont have the patience. Im sure that cocaine wouldnt be as popular if you had to snort it weeks before the party.

But the point being we are on TRT due to a whacked out system to begin with. Introducing exogenous T doesn’t sound like our bodies are guaranteed to figure it out if it was already screwy before hand.

If that were the case, Aromatase enzyme production would stop with the introduction of Exogenous T and a shutdown is induced. But thats not the case. Plenty of evidence showing that T monotherapy still produces plenty of Aromatase, it actually increases. So your body knows what to do. You just havent given it enough time to work with the reliable intake of exogenous T. The other fella has been taking an AI for a decade. I bet if he stopped, he would feel a change for weeks before he adjusts to the new E levels, but No… one week into not taking it, he will return to it because he doesnt like the idea of feeling off forever, which is not the case. If you’re willing to wait 2-3months to feel good taking an AI, you can wait the same amount of time to feel good without taking an AI.


But I mean how long should one wait? I waited months and it just got worse.

So an AI gave you symptom relief I take it. And what were your symptoms?

Short of breath, brain fog/headache, palpitations.

Symptoms are one thing, however MANY folks see E2 being high and panic, without any symptoms. Many folks do not need an AI, and are chasing an arbitrary number. My E2 is at 85 with zero side effects. I’m as lean and vascular as I’ve ever been in my life. It just recently came down to 58, not sure if it’s due to a different medication I’m taking, or if my body adjusted, but I will know soon enough.

It’s one thing to treat symptoms, it’s another thing to treat numbers. 20 isn’t the holy grail or E2 that makes everyone feel great, in fact it’s getting pretty close to tanking E2 and making people feel the worst they’ve ever felt. Slippery slope.