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E2 is 59!!!


Two months into my TRT and I just got my test results back.

I am 38, 240 lbs, 6'2" with all the typical symptoms. Currently taking 100mg/week of Test Cyp.

TT - 718 (250-1100)
FT - 199 (35 - 155)
E2 - 59!! (13 - 54)


So, what would make my FT so high? My follow-up appt is tomorrow and I plan on requesting an AI prescription.

Am I on the right track?




Estradiol comes from one source, the aromatization of testosterone. So, the question is too much testosterone, or too much aromatase. I'd be interested to hear of any third possibility.


this is part of why there are recommendations to test/check cortisol and thyroid.

T needs cortisol to work. low cortisol = body can not use all of the available T = increased aromatase to E.

fixing any adrenal/thyroid issues "could" result in lower E.


Read the stickies!

Your labs values will change depending on when the lab work was done after prior injection.

Numbers will be steadier if you inject 50mg twice a week.