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E2 in Range No Sex Drive?

My e2 went from 72 to 11 sensitive test with .5 mg of armidex ed!
I’m on 15 mg of prop Ed!

Someone told me just keep the same ai dose and up the testosterone to 25 mg Ed!
I have all the bad sides no libido no morning wood!
I tried no ai for 8 weeks didn’t work!
I still feel like I have low t!

Just change and or up the dose and drop the AI again.

Plus your E2 of 11 is shit, no one would really expect you to have a libido with It being so low.

Yah but if I needed a ai on 125 mg wouldn’t I need one on 175 mg?

How would you know that you even NEED an AI in the 1st place

Because I was on no ai for 8 weeks and my e2 was elevated

Dude there are variables to this shit.

How do you know you don’t need more test? How do you know that you don’t need a better frequency?

Don’t worry about elevated estrogen and see if your body corrects itself. Having an estrogen level of 11 is piss poor.

When i used to cycle 500mg of test i never needed an AI and im sure my e2 was in the 100s.

An AI is a last resort option once you’ve exhausted EVERYTHING. Plus an AI would be better served if you’ve been taking a dose for 8-12 weeks, got blood work and then took a single small dose to see if there’s any change.

It’s tough to balance hormones when you’re throwing multiple hormone altering drugs into the mix at once.

I did a cycle of 500 mg of test and 40 mg of dbol 50 mg of proviron with 250mg test prop kickstart and never had any sex drive my free t came back around 1000

First, this is a TRT question, this is in the wrong category.
Now an answer. That is a stupid high dose of arimidex, stop that. Why are you on Prop? Do you feel some raging desire to inject daily? Your E2 is definitely too low, and you would probably be better off on Test E or C unless Prop is all you can get

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Are we talking about a number here, or actual negative symptoms?

When did you have libido?

When I was on herbs and test boosters before I hopped on trt! When I got on trt haven’t had libido since haven’t jerked it in a year!

Yes negative fucking symptoms read the post I wouldn’t be complaining if I didn’t Have the symptoms I feel like I’m talking to retard why would I be complaining about my e2 if I had a libido! Smfh! Sorry to be so aggressive but it’s frustrating so give me a break

On prop because I tried everything else it didn’t work I tried 125 mg a week of test c for 9 weeks no libido what’s so eve e2 was at 73!

Dude. Stop with all AAS. You’ve had nothing but issues. Every time I see you post you’re “having issues”. This stuff isn’t for you man, I hate to tell you.

Having an E2 of 72 isn’t bad. Then you decided to tank your E2 and wonder why you feel like shit. Then you lash out to someone trying to help you, for asking a legit question to tailor his answer for you.

If I recall your previous posts, you have NEVER stuck with anything long enough to really let your body adjust and reach its new homeostasis. You bounce around, panic, and change things, it’s a recipe for totally destroying your mental health due to a roller coaster of hormonal changes.

Get some Test E or Test C, take 150mg split between two shots weekly, do not touch an AI, and give it SIX MONTHS. Then adjust as necessary.


That’s what I did! No ai nothing but test for a few months like u guys said don’t adjust until 8 weeks!

Firstly, your response to @hardartery was completely uncalled for. We’re not “giving you a break” everybody here, including myself is going through issues. Please take the sand out of your vagina.

And ever thought maybe you need more than 8 weeks? Ever thought maybe you need to experiment with frequency? You literally just tried something for 8 weeks and shit the bed I’m assuming.

How about you chill and treat TRT like an experiment with fine tuning.

If anything that @aaronca said is true then that’s not a good look my dude. Nobody here hasn’t a magical answer.

Trial and error is your friend.

YOUR post post links those symptoms to your current E2 of 11, it doesn’t say that those were the same problems as at 73. Maybe if you could express a coherent thought you’d get different information.
Do you have ED when you take nothing at all? Why such a riduculously aggressive does of AI? Why did n’t you go with .5 once or twice a week to start? Have you tried anything in the 150 - 200mg range for a dose?

Hey man thanks for the reply brother!
And yes when my e2 was higher I felt even more bitchy!

I tried taking no ai for 8 weeks and no results!
And yes I tried .5 mg twice a week before I still felt the same!

Someone told me for my e2 levels I would need Ed dosing so I tried .5 mg Ed and now my e2 is finally in range! (8-28)

And no I tried a dose of 250 mg of prop with 500 mg of test combo=750 mg of test a week started on 12.5 mg of aromasin Ed from the start no results!

Stop fucking nuking your estro!

Its like when you decide to reduce estrogen, you take a tommy gun and blast it all to hell. For all you know you’ll blast right past your sweet spot without a glimmer of what homeostasis feels like.

Like i said before: drop the AI, pick a dose for 8-12 weeks, get bloods and THEN decide to try a SMALL dose of AI. Like .25mg Adex or 6.25mg Aromasin if ANYTHING.

See if you feel any better. Take it once a week if you’d like, but don’t fucking nuke it.

Just pick something! Chill and see how you feel. Pick back up from there.

There was a few of us told you to chill out, reduce the AI and give it time. You were warned you were going to crash it and you didnt pay attention.

You are they typical dude that comes on here not listening then coming back whining about what happened. Just like those threads that start out, Help my Dick dont work.