E2 Extremely Low, What to Do?

I’ve been on 200 mg of cypionate per week, 250iu of hcg 3xper week, and .5mg of arimidex M-W-F. My E2 came back “<5” which is extremely low.
Should I cut back on the arimidex, go off the arimidex for a while to let the estrogen build back up, say the test was bs and get another one…?
KSMan, would love to have you weigh in on this. My doc said I was fine!

1.5mg a week seems high to me. Most guys who pin do about .5mg twice a week. I’m on a touch more than .5mg/week.

Realize that if you go cold turkey with the AI, you probably have high levels of aromatase (the body attempts to compensate) and your E2 could shoot up quickly. I wouldn’t recommend that course of action.

There are side effects from low E2, which you do not want. You should definitely address this.

KSman’s recommendation is to shoot for 22 on your E2 levels.

I would get off the ai for one week then reduce your dose by half. Hold that dose for two weeks and then test your e2 again.

How do you feel?

My last two blood tests, 10 weeks and 22 weeks ago, both came back <5 and I feel good. I know this isn’t ideal, but I’m not going to stop TRT.

I’m on 140mg of Test Cyp per week that I shoot once, and no AI. I was taking Grapeseed extract as recommended by another clinic for my AI but quit when I got my results.

Not sure why they’re so low, but I feel good. I’d be interested to find out a solution as well.

Everybody…thanks for your input. All good suggestions. Truthfully I feel fine, its just the test result that has me concerned.

And yea, I remember KSMan saying 22 was a good number. Unless he says different I’ll probably give Hostile’s idea a try.

Thanks everyone!

With 200mg T per week, many would need 2.0mg anastrozole per week.

So lets assume that you are an anastrozole over responder.
Stop anastrozole for 5-6 days for 4 half life washout
Resume at 1/4th the expected dose, 0.5mg a week.

Inject T twice a week and take 0.25mg at time of injections.

Please post your lab work and ranges. The advice above assumes that you have high T levels. If not, need a different plan.

Thanks KSman. That’s a sound plan. My Total T was approximately 850 (240-1100).
I’ll follow your suggestion and get labs done after about 6 weeks.