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E2 Elevated on Day of Injection?

I know that if I have blood drawn on the day I inject, my TT and free T will be “artificially” elevated.

Does the same hold true for E2?

Depends on when your blood was drawn after the injection and how much and how quickly you aromatize testosterone. Eventually, it will elevate, maybe not within the first day, however.

The reason I ask is back on November 21 I had labs done at my urologist’s office and my TT was 680 (265-916 ng/dL), and E2 was 27 pg/mL (non-sensitive). Blood was drawn on trough day before I injected. I inject 70mg T Cyp Monday and Thursday, no Adex.

Last week, I had a general physical on Thursday, January 9. I injected at 8AM and my GP did labs and the draw was at 11AM. TT was 1,285 (300-1,100 ng/dL) and (non-sensitive) E2 was 70 (0-40 pg/mL).

I’m not really feeling the usual symptoms of elevated E2, except sleep has been very poor lately, i.e. lack of REM and deep sleep (I use a device under my mattress to measure sleep quality). I felt really great back in late November through late December. Wondering if I need to cut back the dosage, as I really want to stay off Adex.

Relax. Wait it out for the next trough labs.