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E2 Effects on Muscle?

So I’m on TRT but thought this may be the group to go to for this one. My TRT has me above the range on TT and FT, which I like for comp purposes, but my E2 has been up around 50-55. Every time I try to microcode Adex, I feel like shit. So I’ve let it ride higher as I have no bloating, gyno concerns, etc. However, I’ve read a few times that high E2 can cause muscle loss. Any truth to this or BS?

Well very high e2 can be detrimental, yes. But if you feel good and you’re making progress then I would not mess with what’s working. I will say the statement “high e2 can cause muscle loss” is bs, with the caveat that the side effects of very high e2 can cause problems downstream that lead to muscle loss. But it’s mostly bs.


I never really had much of a loss of strength when I was higher e2. But I DEFINITLEY lose strength when I lower it too much.


Thanks. If anything, my day to day muscle fullness swings wildly. As does my weight - by like 5 pounds. It’s craxy how different I look one day to the next right now - especially as I’ve gotten much leaner since starting TRT.