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E2 Dosage Help on Nebido Split Dosage

Hello guys

I live in Europé so i must take Nebido :frowning_face:

I first got 4ml 1000mg every 6w and after 3 injections my e2 was 200 nmol on 1/8 arimidex 2 Times week of course its to low dosage.
T 27 nmol
20 shbg
200nmol e2.

Now we switched to 2ml every 3 weeks ( Dr didnt want to try every w ore every 2 w)

I have problem with Libido .

What dosages would u recomend to try first on my protokoll before I do blood test ???
Im sensitive to high e2. I tried 0.25 mg every 2 weeks later on but its seems to be low too.
Maby some more frekvent dosage 3 Times week?

Need help please

I have heard of a guy doing Nebido 20mg daily with good results, so I don’t see anything wrong with trying more shot frequency. You might even be able to ditch the AI entirely.

Thx for answer!
in my country u cant self inject u must go to hospital and they look what the Doc write in system. Oterwise i dont get new prescription.
So u have a advise for the Al dosage?

What country are you in? TMHC in UK has many patients from many countries. They may be able to help you?


U have som advise for Al dose pls

I would start as low as possible 1-2x weekly. I had a 0.050 mg dosage on hand at one point and it was still too much and even tried 1/8th and just gave up on the AI.

Turns out 5mg daily Cialis corrected my aromatization issues fairly quickly as it is known to decrease aromatization and lower E2. For the first time in 3 years I can push my testosterone higher without any issues related to aromatization.

I took 0.75 arimidex yesterday and today notice very small erektion in the morning.
But headech and tired and signs of high e2 got the injections of 2ml yesterday too.
Should i take more too i feel better ore wait ??

I Will try cialis

I would expect your E2 to be low at this dosage in a relatively short period of time. I noticed dramatic reduction in E2 within hours and had already gone too far in the other direction before the day had ended.

I experienced headaches, pain behind eyes, excessive yawning and days later tremors.

High E2 you say after an injection of Nebido yesterday, no way as the ester is too long for the test to be released from the ester at this point in time.

Now its entiry possible E2 is was already elevated prior to your shot, but don’t see how it could still be elevated after the .75 AI dose.

@systemlord is there any documented studies that show cialis lowers aromatization?

Any idea how this works (what pathways in the body)?

I wouldn’t. You’re taking a very slow acting form of testosterone, but a fast acting form of estrogen management. Make sense? It’ll take weeks for your TT and e2 to stabilize, and if you chase a ‘feeling’ of high e2 with AI you’re just gonna feel miserable and wonder why.

Slow and steady

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The one I read said that over a 12 month period researchers noticed a difference in the TT:e2 ratio. Since TT didn’t go up, only answer is e2 went down. Not sure they know why

I have strong circumstantial evidence that my T:E2 ratios changed in less than 4 weeks. I didn’t even get a chance to finish one bottle before I noticed a dramatic difference in aromatization.

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Do you take 2.5 or 5mg? I haven’t noticed any changes on 2.5mg yet

5mg daily, tried 10mg and got really bad migraines. I never needed Cialis for erections though, I got what I wanted out of it and haven’t taken any in about a month and the decrease in E2 seems permanent.

My thyroid has also improved since using the Cialis, TSH at 0.45, fT4 is low and T3 never been higher (101).

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Okey i thinking of trying .25 twice week then after next injection in 3w do a blood test e2.

I would expect too get even levels of T for every 3w.

You think you can ‘feel’ aromatization?

Now I’ve seen it all. Bro science at its finest.

No , but IF I have low ore high e2 symtoms.
As now i feel its low becuse im cold and have little back pain and so on…

I feel cold right after dosing changes and once levels stabilize, the coldness is gone.