E2 Crash Recovery

I seem to have crashed my E2 earlier this month after being prescribed too much anastrozole by a doctor. My E2 was <5.0 on 11/8, but has since bounced back to 30.7 on 11/16. So I am no longer in a crashed state, however, I’m still not feeling much relief, specifically from the insomnia, ed, and low libido. I had been taking clomid and HCG since the crash until a few days ago (for PCT). I understand that clomid can prevent your estrogen receptors from “feeling” the E2 come back. So on the advice of a trusted member on here (@systemlord) , I have discontinued the PCT meds.

My question is: for those of you who have crashed your E2 in the past, about how long it did take to recover your sexual function? Did anyone not recover? I’d appreciate any tips from you guys because I am living through hell.

Your situation is unique to most “crashed e2” posts since your e2 is no longer low and you’ve gone through a PCT.

You’ve been off everything for a couple days; I’d say give it 2-3 weeks

Yeah, I’m hoping it’s the clomid blocking my estrogen receptors that is delaying recovery. I’ve only been off the clomid for 3 days now, so most of it is still in my system. I hear e2 crash can take weeks, even without the clomid in the way. I appreciate your insights @swoops39 . Thanks.

If you have dbol at hand, few days of 10 mg a day will fix that up for you.

Thanks @K211! I’m new to this. How does the dbol work to fix things?

Dbol, aromatizes really fast and a lot, people usually keep it as a means to increase their E2 if they accidentally crash it from too much AI or any other reason that can crash your E2.

Thanks @K211 . Unfortunately I don’t have access to dbol. Trying to find some.