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E2 - Blood Test or Saliva?

Hey guys, I was wondering which test is best for determinig E2 levels. I read where there are pros and cons for each in silava and blood. From this website it suggest silava…


Why not a blood test? Saliva is the more accurate than blood
serum testing. Only about 1-5% of the hormones in blood are in the
unbound or “free” form. The remaining 95-99% are tightly bound to blood
proteins. It is this unbound, also called bio-available, hormones that
actually enter your body tissue including your salivary glands to do
their work. So it is the bio-available hormone levels that we want to

Any thoughts is appreciated, as i am about to get one of these done on my own.


I understand the possibility that saliva testing may be better, however, it isn’t the broad standard at this point in time. I think the biggest obstacle is the collection method. For example, let’s say I generate enough saliva to fill the tube in 15 minutes and it takes you an hour. Isn’t it likely that you’ll have higher levels simply because your specimen took longer to collect? That’s just one problem I see. I guess the best way to know is to do both blood and saliva at the same time.

There simply are not that many people who can relate to saliva levels. Me included.

With saliva testing you also miss the effects of SHBG that may inflate TT or reduce FT. There are tests that you need to do as part of your care such as TT, SHBG, AST/ALT, CBC, hematocrit, cholesterol/lipids. So do one stop shopping at your blood draw station.