E2 at 61, Aromasin Necessary?

As the title states, I received my labs back today and my E2 was at 61 one week ago which would have been during my 4th week of PCT. I started feeling really good physically and mentally Saturday and Sunday then had a bad fight with my girl and have been really stressed and lethargic for the past 3 days or so and my workout was tougher than usual today which I’m sure was due to stress and potentially elevated hormones. Would it be advisable to take maybe 6.25mg or is it not necessary?

If you don’t have any problems being caused by the e2 then don’t treat it. A number means nothing without context. In this case the context is feeling good and then feeling bad after an argument. I would let that clear your mind before taking anything, especially since aromasin is suicidal and the rebound effect is nonexistent.

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Do you have a high SHGB? If so 61 might not be so bad. For me with an SHGB of 15 I would be eating anastrozoles at every meal for a week.

It sure sounds like you had a pretty bad mood swing if you got into a fight with your girl. Maybe you should come clean tell her about your blood test and apologize and ask her for her help. Unless you caught her cheating.