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E2 and Test to the Moon

Hello all,

I have posted here a few times regarding my low testosterone issues and have met a doctor who was willing for me to try Test + HCG at 23.

I was put on the protocol of 100mg Test weekly IM (.5 ml, 200mg/ml) + 500iu x 3 HCG SC.

This has caused my levels (two weeks since starting the protocol) to sky rocket.

Total T: 1600
E2: 85

My doctor has told me to reduced from .5ml per week to .2ml per week. On top of following my doctors recommendations, what should I do to help control the total T/E2? I don’t have access to the blood-test just yet, I need to go in person to get it, so I don’t know what other metrics were tested on this blood-test. I have another blood-test scheduled in 19 days to remeasure the levels.

Albeit I feel like a new person, I know this is not healthy and would like to get within range. Is it atypical for a person to respond like this initially when starting a protocol?

Thanks for your help,

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Read the recent posts about e2. There’s so much info saying e2 doesn’t kill and should not be managed. Not at all. If you have symptoms fine. If you feel good then your e2 is totally fine bro. Stop chasing your e2 numbers. Estrogen has beneficial effects on heart, blood, organs, sex, Brian and so many other functions. Low e2 kills.

If you feel good leave it. Your gonna feel horrid dropping your dose by more than half, defeats the purpose.

Also the hcg is probably the culprit and is causing the e2 to jump so high. If you wanted to lower e2 you’d do it via an hcg drop. But again don’t change anything. Be happy you feel good.

If you start having serious symptoms of bloating and mood changes (happy sad in hours time) then yah look into it. Until then give it 4-6 more weeks and let your body stabalize in this dose. You might end up at 30 or 40 once it stabalize.

Things can be shaky starting out it takes 6-8 weeks to stabilize and longer to adjust to the new hormone levels. Hcg is likely making things worse it just complicates things you will never have stable levels with hcg in the mix imo.

Honestly, I feel an unbelievable amount better than I did when I was a teenager. I don’t want to go against the doctors recommendation to reduce the dosage, as it will be fairly obvious when I run out of T quicker than the protocol requires. I don’t have any side effects other than feeling amazing. Everything that needed to be fixed has been improved since starting this protocol.

When, relative to your testosterone injection, was your blood drawn?

I wouldn’t bother to stick myself for 40mg a week.

Also, are you actively trying to conceive?

You need to test SHBG, 40mg weekly will not be enough. You need to inject 40mg twice weekly until SHBG is known. Daily injections may be needed if estrogen proves difficult to control on twice weekly or EOD protocol using 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads.

Estrogen is high, could be do to being obese and or low SHBG. The only way to decrease estrogen without an AI is more frequent dosing, it’s why I inject 20mg EOD and I micro dose aromasin.

My estrogen was even lower on 7-10mg daily injections, but liver can’t process bilirubin fast enough.

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I injected .5ml on Monday, HCG Tues morning + Thurs night, bloodpull on Friday 8am.

Not actively trying to conceive, but would like to preserve the chance if the Wife and I were to ever want it.

Pre-TRT my SHBG was 26 (10-50nmol/l). I wanted to switch to twice weekly but the doctor would like to see what happens with the reduction in medication.

Also, for reference, 6’4", ~170lbs, on the verge of being underweight if that matters in these injections.

So you feel good. You have high e2. You don’t have symptoms. Your two weeks in. Making changes now will make the stabilization period longer.

You need a doc who will absorb andnunderstand modern trt. Not lab ranges. Actual knowledge as to why following lab ranges is just stupid. If he doesn’t budge, then leave him. There’s dozens of Clinics who are happy to give you 200mg weeekly at your age. They don’t force things on you or freak out if you have good levels. They know the game and play along.

You don’t need to make any changes to dosing … you need to present evidence showing estrogen isn’t harmful in men taking trt. Everyone had a threshold. Younger people are probably able to handle higher e2 .

  1. Go get the trt bible by jay cambrll and show him the book. Find the estrogen section email it over and tell him this is backing up why.books co written by top docs.

  2. Find a couple of the videos like the one I showed above where Nichols, cambell, Meehan and other top docs talk about how e2 is misunderstood.

  3. Tell him the truth. Your not worried about this high e2 because your only 2 weeks in. It’s common to go through ups and downs for the first two months. Your body will behave differently once stabilized and this is not enough time to make heads or tails. The coin hasn’t even landed.

  4. If this falls upon deaf ears get another doc.

Contact a clinic that we use and they will keep you on the same dosage and not lower within two weeks of start. Feel free to email me I’m more than happy to help you with more resources to back up this frame of thought.

I do feel good, and I do understand the doctors concern. He is a well respected doctor in the TRT field, with a few published papers regarding his research on the subject.

I do want to continue the protocol at the same interval, but if I continue to show these high levels on blood-tests he will certainly know that I am not following his protocol, and I want to be honest with my doctor.

I don’t want to adjust the protocol just because we are so soon into it to realize the final outcome of my body adjusting to the 100mg per week.

You’d likely be around 800-1000 if you waited until Monday morning to have your blood drawn.

Yup I understand. Be honest with him. Tell him what you think. Maybe he’ll listen. Good luck