E2 And Appetite

So unlike a fair few of you who lift and eat to grow, as a cardio based athletic person I try and stay light.

I take an a.i a bit sporadic and based on feel (works for me and stops me crashing e2, but i cant get on without one altogether).

I’ve noticed when I’ve used an a.i I"m generally less hungry and can regulate ny eating better.

A) is estrogen linked to increased appetite?
B) anyone else experienced this when running e2 lower?

Please dont turn this into an a.i debate.

Stick to the appetite and e2 conversation please.


Generally, low levels of estrogen can lead to weight gain in women and high levels can lead to weight gain in men. We can look to menopause for the women, but I do not know exactly what constitutes “high” levels for men.

Guys that tend to bloat report being leaner with lower E2. I don’t recall anyone reporting an effect on appetite though.

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E2 and fat metabolism, accrual.

Estradiol and feeding behavior.

I feel hungrier with higher e2, but it’s easier to control. When e2 is low I don’t feel hunger but I have strong cravings for carbs/sugar.

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Thats interesting. So being low e2 can cause fat acrual.

I’ve only skim read.

I took an AI for a couple of weeks, got a lot of fat accumulation in the belly in a short period of time.