E2 = 22 for Which FT?


When you say optimal E2 = 22 pg/mL, is that for a FT of 10, 15, 20 or 25 ng/dL?
My FT varies from 12 to 25 ng/dL on Nebido and I presume my target E2 should follow my FT.

By the way here are my latest numbers. I’d say my E2 is too high
T 635 ng/dL (22 nmol/L)
E2 28 pg/mL (102 pmol/L) (KI)
FT 12.1 ng/dL
FT / E2 = 0.48 (E2 = 28)

This is not correct. It was the belief of a member on this forum who is no longer around.

Inject a reasonable dose and let e2 go where your body wants it to go. That’s a good starting goal.


Estrogen in Men: Good, Bad or Indifferent? - YouTube

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I’m not sure you’ve got a good handle on what these numbers mean.

What’s your recommendation?

Don’t control your E2 unless there is a good reason to. A number on a sheet isn’t a good reason. Gyno, limp dick, loss of libido are good reasons.

OK thanks. I had very sore nipple these last few days but it’s better now.
On no adex I get E2 at up to 51 when my FT but if no issues then maybe it’s better with no adex.

My E2 on my last blood work was 84. My TT and FT was nice and high as well (25% over range). I feel fine, so I am not controlling E2.


:point_up_2:t2:What he said. Arimidex treats symptoms, not numbers. My e2 was always in the 40’s when my TT was in the 600’s. If I was down in the 20’s I’d have probably been a depressed mess. High e2 absent any side effects is good for you. Estrogen hormones are highly anabolic and cardio protective.


When my e2 goes in the 20s I get symptoms like back pain. Mine in general I feel good when it’s north of 30. It’s kind of deceiving because it could also be the higher free t - which at the same time the higher dose also increases my e2.

I ditched the AI 8 weeks ago after reading on E2 benefits for male and why we should not use an AI.

I have a lump right behind the nipple since march when I decreased the AI that seems to get worse since I got Nebido injection 2 weeks ago.

I have only 2 options in Sweden: Nebido 4 ml every 10 weeks or 3 ml every 8 weeks. Do you think 3 ml every 8 weeks is better even if it means a bit less T overall? Would this help with “nipple issues”?

Be careful with this.

I don’t know what you read and I’m not saying you should use an AI (I don’t use any), but I doubt you’re talking about research papers since the only ones we have just show that crushing your E2 to 0 is probably bad for you.

That’s it. Nothing shows that letting E2 shoot for the stars is good for you. In other words, there’s no research showing that the more E2 the better, just that no E2 is probably not good.

If you’re talking about people on forums saying E2 can never be too high, be very careful, do you own research and make sure you understand what you’re reading


I’d go with the shorter interval even tho it’s less T. Don’t suppose you can get the Nebido and dose it yourself?

Thank you! Unfortunately it’s impossible to self inject this in Sweden

amazing post

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That right there…balances things out.

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