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E2 174, Total T 2500 After a Week of Test Prop

Soooo long story short I started a test prop cycle and now my estrogen is 174… my total t is 2500.

Range for e2 is 20-75
Range for total test is 300-1235

Edit: I feel like crap, no libido, mood swings, floppy wang, etc. I do have morning wood but throughout the day nothing it’s a struggle to get an erection…

So with that being said. I’m front loading arimidex recommended by a trt doc 1mg arimidex a day for 4 days then 1mg twice a week, stop test injections until e2 comes back down. I dumped my blood the other day felt better but I’m wondering what you guys think. I’ve never had an issue with e2 on cyp or E. Is it because prop is so fast acting? And should I dose my t lower or stop all together?

I was taking 60mg a day of prop… probably not the best idea on my part… I was think if I take 10 mg a day if that would do more harm than good?

Also how long would it take to get my e2 value down to let’s say 80 or so.

Thank you guys!

First you need to give us the reference range. My answer is based on the normal reference ranges. I don’t actually see a problem with the numbers. The question is how you feel. Do you have high E2 symptoms? If not, why do you care? Some guys here walk around with E2 at 150 and feel great. A rise in E2 is normal with a rise in T.
If you take arimidex I’d be careful. These drugs are powerful. The front load seems aggressive to me. Some guys with more arimidex experience will give you a better action plan.

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Thank you for the reply! The range is 20-75 I usually sit around 40 I feel great. And yes I feel like crap and I have zero interest in sex and well let’s just say I have a floppy wang…

You’re probably going to have super low e2 real quick with doses like that, IMO anyways. I think the units your results in are different than what most people around here are used to. You’d have to post them to be sure, but the reference range is about 2x what mine is, so I’m assuming your 174 is more like 90’ish in the usual units people are accustomed to. Mine has been 73 on TRT doses and after a couple of weeks I felt fine, my body adjusted.

I’m not 100% in the 'never use an AI ever" crowd but I do think overdoing it is going to suck… and it’s very possible dosing that high is overdoing it, IMO anyways.

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Yeah reference ranges are definitely difficult because they all seem to be a different. You see I’m going on a trip with this chick in two weeks, and I kinda want me dick to work lol and for my health to be in order.

Haha, understandable. But if you overdo it you’ll be miserable for weeks too… so it’s a fine line I guess. Easier to take more later

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Well I appreciate it bro! It helped me put things into perspective a bit. I know 1mg a day for 4 days is over kill. So I needed some insight on things!

For me .125 mg of adex gives about a 10 point drop. 4 mg would have me at close to 0. If I was trying to bring it down quick, I would use .5 once, then see how I feel. If in 3 days I still felt bad I would do that again.

Basically try to dial things in, is my approach.


You’d be a lot better off with a SERM like nolvadex instead of arimidex. Adex is a E2 killer and can cause a rebound of E2 but Nolva is an E2 blocker on the receptor sites and prevents gyno but allows the benefit of E2 on the body.


For gyno I agree with you. OP is saying his willy isn’t working well. I think for that adex is going to be better, but I am open to evidence if it isn’t.

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We all know that E2 can crash on Adex and, when stopped, the rebound of the E2 can be worse than the initial high E2.

OP: have you done previous cycles before this? And were you having issues sexually pre cycle? @noob42

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I’ve had glands for gyno removed a long time ago. So I’m not worried about moobs. I’ve done about 4 in my life always test c or e. Wanted to try prop this time around. But ed started about a week into cycle. So I’m not sure how this happened my bf% is 20 330lbs I’ve never had an issue with e2 before and my first cycle I was a higher bf Forsure.

20% BF at 330 lbs? Is that a typo? That puts you at 264 lbs with 0 fat on you. This is WSM competitor territory, and makes you very likely to have more lean mass than almost everybody on the Olympia stage.


And also considering how fast my e2 rose from 30 to 174 in a matter of 6 days I’m not too worried about a crash… although I’m doing my best to prevent that it’s day 3 of arimidex front load and I’m feeling better that’s for sure. But as for my maintenance dose I’m concerned if twice a week is enough and when incorporate hcg that’s gonna be a tough one.

No it’s not a typo I’m really big man… I just have the genes I guess. I’ve always been muscular but just fat as well. Give or take a % never been dex scanned but all the machines say that.

And to make it more understanding I was obese as a kid almost 450. I’ve had skin removal surgery and such. So maybe that helped me?

Are you very tall? I am just skeptical of that size based on your AAS use, that you are that lean. Like even if you are off by 10% on BF, that still would mean you have more fat free mass than many of the guys on the Olympia stage.


I don’t want to see pics… I NEED to see pics.

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I’m 6’3 my body comp just sucks cause of skin removal surgery from when I was young.

You are quite large and muscular. I think 20% is a bit low IMO. I am not trying to put you down. It is just many people think they are leaner than they are (I would say most people actually). Again, even if you are 30% that is huge amount of muscle (Just based on this pic which isn’t the easiest to gage, I would say you are between 25-30%). Again in no way an insult. You have a good 50 lbs of lean tissue over me, and I get called big.