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E Z Curl/Tri Curl Bar?

i am buying one today but i notice that they come in diff shapes

i.e the curls on th e z bar are less pronounced on one than the tricurl

what is the difference?
i wanted them for bicep curls and skull crushers…sure theres more to do with them?

not sure what section to ask this sorry if wrong place.

I use an EZ bar for all arm stuff, no problem

thanks i was going for the ez bar

just didnt know what the difference and what purpose the tri bar has?

I assume that the dip in the triceps bar is so you don’t whack yourself on the forehead when doing skullcrushers but meh, there’s probably not all that much difference between the two

ah ok cool thanks well i usually use a short barbell (steel tube) for skull crushers so the e z bar will be a big immprovemnt

thanks gonna go buy now :smiley:

The bottom bar, usually advertised as a tri bar or multi-purpose bar, works for anything you’d do with a neutral grip - hammer curls, french presses/extensions, overhead presses/floor presses/close-grip bench (as long as it’s not too narrow for your build. I’ve tried using them for “slow” kettlbell-type moves (presses, windmills, etc. Not cleans or snatches), it’s awkward, but tolerable.

I actually have a pair of them that I use as farmer’s walk handles. I wrapped a bit of athletic tape around the center of one long side (between the two “regular” handles) since it’s smooth, but that’s what I use them for the most. Sometimes I’ll also use them for “dumbbell” deadlifts.

The middle bar is the standard issue EZ curl bar. Versatile for curls, extensions, etc.

The top bar, honestly, I don’t ever remember really using.

If you’re building a home gym, I’d say get the EZ curl bar first since it’s more basic.

thanks i got the middle option

the top one os what was advertised as the tri bar where i was going.