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E-Stats? You Decide.


This guy, a moderator at bb.com named scott_donald, claims he, at 6-3 220, can perform the following lifts:
Flat bench, 5 reps with 400 lbs, 3 reps with 420 lbs.
30 reps of pull-ups, then 20 reps of chin-ups. Also, sets of 10 reps with 110 lbs added.
Concentration curls with 72 lb dumbbells for sets of 12 reps.
Front squats with 450 lbs for 5 reps.

In the one and same workout: 3 sets of 20 reps with 485 lbs on squats.
Push presses with 260 lbs for 5 reps.
Close grip bench presses with 360 lbs for 12 reps.
He has been called out numerous times, but many of those threads have been deleted and members banned. This is the only pic of him posted.


That's a very slimming outfit. I should look into wearing kilts more often.


These stats and pics are about a year old, but I think they get the point across.




well he is a moderator at BBing.com so obv.


who knows? maybe the kid can do serious work.
if I could hit those numbers I would definitely have someone take vids to back it up though. just sayin.


that guy doesnt even look like he could bench 225 for 6.

i bet his real name is Chaz


I'll tell you one thing, he's one ugly mofo.



OH....it's a kilt...and he looks like Princess Diana by accident.


Is that umbrella to contain his ego? It doesn't look too wet out...


If you could hit those numbers, one would think you would have some muscle mass on your shoulders, arms and chest that helps you do such a thing.

It must be a something in the water that suddenly no one needs muscles to be the strongest person in the state.

Hercules must have weighed a cool 87lbs.


Hercules was all about the functional strength. And what retard would think you need muscles to be strong. dumbass



the secret to his power = one-legged bosu squats. that or he has bionic components.
bionic components sounds more likely...


What I don't get is...we get a seven page thread with people calling out 300lbs Max Charles and saying he's a liar for benching 500lbs...

...but THIS guy barely gets any flack and some even seem to think that he is really doing over 400lbs bench presses for several reps even though he has NO muscle mass on him to support that.

What website am I on?


Whoever thinks Max Charles can't bench 500lbs is retarded. This guy on the other hand is nothing more then a fucking joke.

I agree with you its sad more people haven't bashed him yet. but he is on BBing.com so it isn't like he is one of ours.


hows this one..He's not 225 either.


Why do you guys read bb.com anyway?


That's what I'm wondering.


Object lesson?


When I first saw the photo I thought it was the guy in the right in the tracksuit.

Only when I scrolled down did I realize that the person on the left was not, in fact, a really tall girl wearing a kilt.