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E-lou's Log - Doin' it Right!

Firstly, is it okay if I post a log in here and on FA? I feel like there could be some rule but that could also just be me. But I understand if it’s like little rascals and the no girls allowed thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Swimming cometetivley under whip of my olympic-hopeful mother and then quitting, gaining 30 pounds over 2 years, then losing 20 of that and now beginning cashless college life has lead me to this point. I’m going to do this the right way, and in short, I’m ready to stop hating the chunks on my already built up frame from being intensely athletic from when i was 6 until 14, and start looking more like Jelena, Olesya, and Jaimie, these ladies are my idols! They’re sexy and could probably lay me out, and I’m okay with that.

After much research and planning, I’m heading out to grocery shop on the second (for I get paid on the 31st) so as of the 2nd here is my meal plan. I’m currently following Wet Wolf’s Total Body Assault.

In addition to around 6 fish oil tablets a day, and ltos of crystal light and green tea:

Smoothie - 2 scoops Vanilla protein powder + 1 cup strawberries with water
290 calories

half three egg omelet with 3 tbsp black beans
half cup of blackberries
280 calories

3 oz chicken thigh with mushrooms and onions
1 cup of yams
mixed veggies
377 calories

3 oz chicken thigh with mushrooms and onions
1 cup of yams baked
spinach with ceasar vinnegrette (home made) and black beans
442 calories

10 almonds + black bean spinach ceasar
265 Calories

It comes out to just under 1700 calories and i may switch up the meals so that say my dinner is my braekfast or something, which i might do because it could get boring fast. here is a current picture, the most revealing one i could find from this summer just to let you know where i’m at. Please offer any adjustments or critique on this plan! You guys know better than I do. Will update with new pics next week, ones that are more specific and nto of my laying down (which is kinda cheating.) :slight_smile:

Tried out Christian Thibaudeau’s new rep method this morning, definitley feeling pumped and way less sore! I’m ready for my job hunt today :slight_smile: Thanks Thibs.

it’s so nice not feeling totally drained and sore post workout, instead I feel like I have a rocket attatched to my ass and I’m ready to launch into oblivion. People at the grocery store better beware in about 2 hours.