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I really am in a bit of a budget crunch. What cheap alternatives are there for me to get a rich source of EFA’s in a good ratio, palatable would be nice. Should I just find a way to afford Udo’s or Hemp or should I buy a grinder and get whole flax seeds?

Where do you live? Some local animal feed stores offer cracked flax seed for very cheap. Sam’s Club has 300G fish oil for about $8. Again, depending on where you live, could you fish? Fishing is not an option here, but there are other advantages like grass fed beef and chickens for cheap.

When my budget is really tight, I buy whole organic flax seeds in bulk. I grind them up in the blender with my shakes. It is actually a great way to increase your fiber intake. They usually run 1-2$$$ a lb. They are not a balanced form of 3,6,9,efa’s but on a budget I’ll take what I can get. Hope this helps.

Definitely buy the flax seeds in bulk if you need to save money. At the local whole foods I can buy whole flax seeds at about .69 cents a pound. All in all I get almost a months supply of flax seeds for about 5 bucks!

Worth noting for when you get some more funds: Wal-Mart recently started carrying rather cheap Tonalin CLA.

Well, at the drug store you can get a can of salmon which is loaded with Omega 3 DHA & EPA EFA’s for $0.89 cents. That also includes over 80 grams of protein. Can you beat it ?

Just wanted to add that 3 tablespoons of flax seeds provides a whole crap load of fiber. 10 grams per serving I believe.

my fish oil pills, 1 gram with 300mg DHA/EPA are 3cents each. 20 a day is 60 cents. I don’t think that’s too expensive. I don’t like flax seed because it has omega 6’s. I can get omega 9’s from olive oil. laters pk

A six ounce can of albacore tuna has 3+ grams of EFA. Cheap, too.