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E/C Doses


Ok, so I have just purchased some ephedrine hcl in my body recomp endeavours. I have been taking 200mg of caffeine before cardio for a while, so there is NO problem with that. I have 8 mg tabs of ephedrine hcl, what should I dose at? First dose will be an hour before early morning cardio on an empty stomach followed by an hour sleep then and hours cardio. So any thoughts? Also is there anything that ephedrine does'nt mix with that I should know about and any tips?


Oh yea, i'm probably drinking tomorrow night (yea I know). So if I take 8mg in the morning and drink that night, will I be ok?


I'd take 3 tabs of the ephidrine, one caffeine pill, and wash it down with a Coke Zero.




I don't know if he's serious about the Coke Zero but yes, the typicayl dose is 25mgs of ephedrine with 200-250 mg of caffine. You've only got 200mg caff tabs so maybe that's what the coke is for.


hmmm, so I'm testing the waters with 8mg. I took it "napped" for an hour and after about 30 mins wanted to jump out of my bed....weird feeling....I think i'm sensitive.


If you're sensitive, try just 2 tabs (16mgs) plus a caffeine tab. Why use a larger dose than you need? Eventually you'll build a tolerance and need more, that's why it's typically recommended to have off periods.

In the past I've also taken an Aspirin with the E/C, especially before heavy workouts. I've never actually used it for the thermogenic effect/weightloss.

As you probably know the risks have been way overblown, but be careful with the use of E/C if you have any heart problems or a significant family history.

Be sure to let us know how it's working for you.


What dose of Ephedrine?

3 Tabs is a lot.


8mg...after my hour walk, and I got off the treadmill, I felt a little spacey...not anxietyish, maybe it was, but I would'nt get it, it did'nt bother me, I just did'nt particularly like it...I think i'm sensitive too it. I also took it with glut, and ZMA in the morning...


I take 3 tabs with 200mg caffeine, occasionally washed down with a coffee, lol.
I really like before a workout, but I will be using it as a thermogenic aid in the coming months to cut, will probably take above amount twice a day, every other day, or else the effect will definitely not be as strong. I have gone as high as 3 doses a day, but you don't sleep much then. The only thing that sucks is the off days, if you're not using it to cut down then really use it sparingly.

That was pretty fun about you springing out of bed after a half hour, cause I was like how you going to go back to bed after taking it, cause I feel like running a marathon. At the beginning you may feel like you do just after you get off a treadmill...that you're walking at warp speed.

Work your way up to a higher dose over time though and you should be ok, and never take after 6pm unless you want to rave it up that night!


Thanks shakey. I still feel that way, like everything is in warp speed, I feel kinda matrixy. I took it at 8am this morning. I'm goin to be drinking tonight should I be aright?


Why would it have any impact on drinking? If so, then any vodka redbull fans are in trouble.


If you took your EC at 8am, I wouldn't worry too much about drinking tonight.

I take an ECA stack, which is 25mg ephedrine HCL, 200mg caffeine, plus aspirin to help lose weight. Works really well.

I'm a bit leery of it, so I take 3 doses a day, with food, with the last one being no later than 2pm. Also, I go 5 days on, 2 days off, and take a week off every two months.

It definitely makes me shaky, kind of weird feeling, but you get used to it. Also, after a few days, it doesn't affect you as much.


I wonder what the benefits of aspirin is. Anyone know? Most people I know who use it for cutting drop the aspirin and just to an E/C stack.


I've mixed Everclear and the old school Speed Stacks(w/ephedrine) and been just fine. I did break the deadbolt of a door through the frame but I'm ok.


This is basically what i've heard, but I have no way obviously to know whether it's true or not:

This particular phrase was taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECA_stack


That's interesting. I do believe that asprin has a negative effect of muscle growth however.


Exactly. Coke Zero has about 50mg caffeine. And it's tasty.


The aspirin was dropped after clinical studies showed no benefits of ECA vs EC in most populations except for obese women.

Therefore, if you are not an obese woman, aspirin provides no benefits for weightloss. The theory was cool, it just didn't do anything in real life.

However, 100 mg of aspirin at bedtime (not in the morning) can reduce blood pressure by 7mmHG/5mmHg, which is pretty good. (Just because EC can transiently increase BP during the first few weeks). Asprin, is there something it won't do!

Hope this helps.


Have you ever tried green tea with your EC stack?