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E-Bragging on Sunday


yesterday was heavy bench day.

last time i did decline 2.5 months ago i put up 245x7.

today, after cutting for 3 weeks i put up 260x10, i couldve of done 2 more but on heavy day im aiming for 3-5 reps
so i put up 275x5 after but if i hadnt done the 260 right before i couldve put up more

ya im pretty happy overall, ive changed a lot in those 2 months, so it could be anything. maybe cause i increased my creatine dose. maybe im eating more protein, maybe sleeping better, maybe cause of my increase in fats and cholesterol im producing more test. or maybe i just finally did it with perfect form(pffft, doubt it).

figured id brag now, cause later i probably wont be able to, since im dieting like the ladies do.


If you’re happy, I’m happy.
Strong lifts


good job


When’s your powerlifting meet?


Good Stuff !!


:)thank u all

[quote]Producer wrote:
When’s your powerlifting meet?[/quote]

lol for real?..i think i still need about a year till i can even think about that. id love to though